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  1. also just I removed them just to see if they were the culprit then the above failed and I couldnt remove them from the menu, I will recover them lines of code, I do have it noted "todo" & I realize that could lead to issues leaving holes in code like that.. I did the cache as you said and special is still displayed... I cleared everything but the image cache since I not sure about that feature... Do you see the "specials" cagtagory in the top navbar? www.kinchi.ca
  2. thats no problem, I always download the original to my computer when I edit a file incase I need to recover it. I was wondering about the cache, but I was leary because whenI cleared the image cache some items lost thier photos for some reason, im not sure how that feature works, I cleared the image cache when first started listing items I had to update and swap some item photos until I worked out the best size & format for images what is the proper procedures for using functions & clearing image cache? when should we rebuild? after every cache wipe?
  3. wow this menu is stubborn! I modified as you said and it has no result? both the certs & specials still show? Im just thinking about this... so Im requesting "if the specials byte is not decalred? or "if" specials do not exist? Im guessing if no products are on sale then it will automatically not populate the specials link, I do have sale items I just dont want it in the top nav bar It seems like once the {catagories} variable is called it automatically generates the link before my code is executed, I have included a copy of the file box.navigation.php... is there anything else I need to do? thanks again bsmithers... your a lifesaver! box.navigation.php
  4. thanks bsmithers... seems like your the goto guy here... thanks again for your help :))
  5. Hello, Does anyone know how to add or remove the links to "Specials" & "Gift Certificates" or add custom links or a link to a created document ? Thanks again
  6. hi bsmither, thanks again for your help , but I not sure I understand your answer, I could be wrong but it I think this started happening after I was cleaning up some log files & made changed some directory privacy settings (for an unrelated folder) in my cPanel is when I noticed the change to the url's Here's an example of what I mean: I see my browser history has the following entry from yesterday (since I installed CC6) http://kinchi.ca/index.php?_a=certificates that link above works fine, and is the right format but now links are generated in the format like http://kinchi.ca/gift-certificates.html I looked at the search engine settings and it was set to Add Category to URL: NO Add Product to URL: NO Meta Data Behavior: Disabled how do I get it back to using this format URL (or disable Search Engine Friendly) http://kinchi.ca/index.php?_a=certificates thanks again:) Robert
  7. hello, I have been tweaking my cubecart and I noticed the URL looks different then it did, its no longer purging the URL, its now ends in .html This has me scratching my head, Im thinking maybe the .htaccess file got changed or something happened when I was in my cpanel, I set some directly listing rules and that might explain why its changed but I don't see anything wrong with it it use to say something like http://kinchi.ca/index.php?=pendants but now its showing .html extentions in the URL like its in a folder but there is no folder called /pendants ? http://kinchi.ca/pendents/kinchi-lockets.html has anyone seen this happen before? Im not experienced with this but I know somethings changed and I cant seem to figure what I did anyone know what I did? maybe someone can post the default .htaccess file cor CC6 maybe mine was modified by my cpanel and changed it. Thanks,
  8. hello, I have to say we are very impressed with cubecart at first glance it seems very friendly & so far is running stable so far. I have a few small issues we noticed during testing, I know I can address these but just need to get more familiar with the code structure. Question 1. With respect to "coupons" during final checkout instead of displaying the "coupon code" how can we change it to display the Coupon Description (or both) instead of the only the coupon code? Question 2: The External News & Announcements feed is causing insecure warning (when viewing dashboard via SSL) Where do we configure/disable that? Question 3: When setting up the PayPal Pro Plugin there is an option for "transaction password" under "3Dsecure" (just below merchant ID) can you clarify which password this is & is it required if I have the API setup & configured? Is there any security risk populating the 'transaction password' Can anyone elaborate on how this option effects transactions (if 3dSecure is disabled) or enabled with the merchant ID but without a transaction password? thanks in advance, Robert
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