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  1. Here are 2 screenshots of my site. The first is in Fire Fox and is perfect but the second is Microsoft Explorer and it's a mess. My question is, is there something I need to add to make my page run ok in different browsers?
  2. I was looking at my "welcome to" document and was in search engines so I clicked on help. This screen came up. Where do I enable "Search engine friendly URLs"?
  3. I have been reading up on PHP code and wanted to add a hit counter to my page. I found some examples of code so I tried adding it to main.php and nothing happened. I tried others and nothing so I put in this bare bones statement: <?php $counterVal=1501; echo "You are visitor number $counterVal to this site"; ?> Nothing fancy but also nothing on my page. My question is, why can't I add this code and see the result on my page? I appologize if this is not appropriate for this forum. If it is, just delete me.
  4. The original problem of no emails has been solved. The problem was that when I set up the email and checked "yes " "Use SMTP authentication" I couldn't get the test to work. Without authentication, the SMTP test worked fine so I left it that way. I found in the error log that the emails were failing because I needed authentication. I thought I had everything done right but where it asked for SMTP user name it actually wanted the complete email address. I changed that from service to [email protected] and the test worked. That got the emails working. The logos eventually showed up because my connection was running really slow. The emails to dan2012 is so goofy. I registered on my own site to test it and used that email address. They were supposed to go to me at dan2012. The error log tip is what did it for me. Thanks for hanging in there with me..
  5. I think so. I haven't tested it yet. In the error log I had this entry: [22-Nov-2015 08:55:11 America/Chicago] SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: [email protected] Where is the reference to dan2012 in this error coming from? I am sending emails from [email protected] and that is being forwarded to [email protected] I don't use dan2012 anymore. My test emails are making it to [email protected] OK. Is that [email protected] somewhere in cubecart? I have looked. Added update: OK, I just tried it and the emails all worked OK. Here is the strange thing. The new order email made it to [email protected] It HAD my logo on it The thank you email and the confirmation email went to [email protected] and it DID NOT have my logo on it. Something mixed up there.
  6. Thanks. I found my problem there. I have 2 questions. First where is the reference to dan2012 in this error coming from? [22-Nov-2015 08:55:11 America/Chicago] SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: [email protected] I am sending emails from [email protected] and that is being forwarded to [email protected] I don't use dan2012 anymore. My test emails are making it to [email protected] Second, The last line in my error log concerns me. This is it: [22-Nov-2015 08:59:46 America/Chicago] PHP Warning: phpinfo() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/bestavia/public_html/admin/sources/phpinfo.index.inc.php on line 20 What exactly is that saying and what do I have to do about it?
  7. I added the code and went through the purchase process and bought an item. All went ok. Paid with Paypal. I went to the error log and there are no entries at all. It's like the email thing is not turned on. Here is what I have configured: store settings/administrators store settings/features store settings/advanced
  8. Thanks, will do. I set up email and looked at the templates only. These are my settings. The order was paid with Paypal and the status stayed at processing. I had to manually make it complete. Isn't the status supposed to go to complete when it is paid for? Why did CubeCart not change it to complete? Any connection with this and the emails?
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by "watch the code do the mailing". Whatever that is, it will be me doing it. Please break it down for me.
  10. I have my email under store settings set up and I tested it. The test sent me an email OK but when I buy something from my site, I don't get any emails. I expected emails like order confirmation etc. What did I miss?
  11. I am trying to figure out the ins and outs of SEO and have been reading what others have done and asked about. My question is should I create a document with search engine info for every product even though every product has search engine info with it. Is including the document good or bad for the search engines?
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