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  1. Thank you for your kindly answer. But dropship is different from order fulfillment. Though they are similar. With order fulfillment, we can always control the process of each order and inventory. thank you.
  2. Hi, I run an online business using CubeCart and I have other full time jobs as well. As the orders raising, my garage is not enough for my products and boxes every where. When we have orders we need to pick pack and and deliver our orders to courier which cost us much time. We would like to find a solutions which can spare our time and enjoy with family. So I searched google and find that the company ChinaDivision provides such service. This company offer a fulfilment service, sounds like a great idea, and the shipping rate and customized service is cool; But i have never use it before and I do not know how to integrate Chinadivision order fulfillment service to CubeCart. Any one who can give me some advice? thank you
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