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  1. That was the only cache I didn't think of. That did the trick Thanks Dave
  2. Hi All, I am trying to change the images for the BXslider in the Foundation skin. In the folder "samples" are 3 pictures. They are the ones in the box slider. The address on the main page is the sample folder. If I change the pictures and leave them labeled the same, they still stay the previous images (Cellphones) Any help would be appreciated phagota.com/skins/foundation/images/bxslider
  3. Here is another page. I tried this too. I still have to choose each color Thanks for the reply
  4. Hi All, I have my options set created with the colors of my decals. When I create a new product it still makes me select each color available for the item. How do I select the option set without selecting each color individually? TIA Dave
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