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  1. bsmither, this will work on pricing when it is done through options? Thank you.
  2. When I am in admin and make any changes. My cache button on the upper right all turns yellow/orange. I failed to mention that I am using options. I think it has to do with that?
  3. bsmither, Sorry for the poor explanation, the page refreshes when I hit the save button. It states that the prices have been adjusted accordingly. But the cache doesn't highlight and the price does not change. Thank you
  4. Cube Cart 6.2.5 windows 10 I am trying to do a bulk price change by category. I am in the bulk price change tab. Bulk price change by category. Picked my categories Percentage I have put a 110% multiplier in (I want a 10 percent price increase) Nothing is happening. Cache is also not showing any changes. What am I doing incorrectly? I see noodleman has a app for this, but if it is built in. Do I need that? Thank you in advance.
  5. I got it. I was entering a URL. It apparently didn't like that.
  6. Hello, I created a new document but I am getting a 404 error when I go to the url that it should be at. The status is checked. I have a url listed with .html at the end which is how I have other documents and they work. I have cleared the cache. I have manually added the url that I have it named. Still 404 error. I have added a link on the main page which is also going to a 404 error. Any ideas as to what I am missing? Thank you in advance.
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