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  1. Sorry, but I really need some advice on what to do or check. I've completely run out of ideas. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as this problem affects all my customers.
  2. Here's what I've done so far. * Checked a product with only one image. In admin/product page, star exists on right image. Clicked on product on main page which opens another page with only that product on it. If first time after clearing the cache, image is small - same size as thumbnail. After reloading the page, image grows to normal size. It remains normal size even after going back to home page and clicking on it again. It remains normal size unless I clear cache again. * Searched this forum for ANYTHING that has to do with images - no luck * Compared page source of before and after I reload the page, which produces a larger image - No change in page source (not sure that's possible) Did this numerous times to make sure of my findings. * Compared URL in address bar and URL of hovering over image both before and after reloading page. No change and it looks correct i.e. https://website/category_name/product.jpg * Made sure the /images/cache directory had a lot of that particular product with the .200, 500, etc. files in it. Number of files remained the same before/after page reload. * Clicked on the very small image in the product page. Opens a proper size image. * When page with small image appears, if I click on home icon and click on same product again, it produces a normal size image this time. Something changed when I upgraded from v5 to v6, OR something changed when I moved cubecart from a sub directory to the main directory under public_html. I've run out of things to try. I'm about to reload my site from backups with cubecart 5. I'm open for ANY ideas where to look or what to try.
  3. I would have started a new topic, but I believe this problem has something to do with my update and moving directories. When I click on a product, one of three things happen. 1. Three small thumbnails of the product show up and no large image shows up. 2. No images at all show up. 3. Three small thumbnails of the product show up and a thumbnail size main image shows up. When I reload the page, everything is fine. If I use another browser, the same thing happens. If I use another computer, the same thing happens. Once I click on a product and reload that page, all images show from then on. As far as I can tell, nothing changes before or after the reload. The page source is identical. The URL is correct. In the page source, it's reading the image from /cache/image.jpg. I have cleared cache, images, sql, etc. No change. I've tried everything I can think of without success. Can anyone tell me what I need to do in order to correct this? Thanks
  4. As always, bsmither, you came though. So, my "Add category to product URL path?" is set to 'yes'. If set to 'no', what happens to the URL? Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.
  5. Sorry to bother you nice folks, but I can't figure this one out. I added a new Category in Admin section. I'll call it 'B'.(number 6) My products were all under Category 'A'. (number 2). I went into the database and changed all cat_id to 6 from 2. Back in admin section, I confirmed all products were now in category 6. On the website, if I hover over the image of a product, it shows that it wants to append the old category to the URL. If I click on the picture, it has the old category in the URL and sometimes the picture doesn't appear until I reload the page. Sometimes the image appears very small until I reload the page. This happens on 3 different browsers. Again, products in admin show the new category while clicking on the product on the website shows the old category. I cleared cache, sql, and images. What did I miss? Sounds like I forgot to update something.
  6. SOLVED I may have spoke too soon. After I upgraded to v6, I copied all the files from /pubic_html/mywebsite/cubecart to public_html/mywebsite. Everything seemed to work except for one small item. The 'home' icon on the home page, shows the proper URL. i.e. www.mywebsite.com. However when I click on any of the menu items, it goes to the proper page in public_html/mywebsite. BUT when I click on the home button on any other page, it goes to pub_html/mywebsite/cubecart. I did search here, but did not feeling confident of any of the suggestions. My .htaccess file in the Foundation directory simply says 'Deny from All'. I solved my problem. When the update happened, it apparently wiped out my .htaccess file and added one that said the above. I simply had to copy a corrected .htaccess file to my website and now it works properly.
  7. Just wanted to thank everyone and to let you know that all went well. With your help, it turned out to be a MUCH easier task than I expected.
  8. Thank you. That clarified it for me. You, and other members of this forum are extremely helpful.
  9. According to the official upgrade KB article, this step (2) seem ambiguous. What is it telling me to do? IMPORTANT: If you renamed your admin folder or admin.php file you must do this prior to uploading the new files and your store will work as before According to that statement, If I renamed my folder or file, I must do what? If I didn't rename anything, then I should ignore that statement?
  10. OK. That makes sense. I'll be doing that tomorrow. If you don't hear back, that means everything's fine and than you.
  11. Thanks, havenswift-hosting. However, you're missing what I'm confused about. I've read all about upgrading on the cubecart website and here in the forums. I don't simply want to upgrade what I have. I want to install cubecart6 as my main website in public_html, replacing my current website, which is NOT cubecart in public_html. My current website has a button that directs users to my cubecart5 directory, under public_html, when they want to purchase something. Currently users go to my website, then can click through to my cubecart directory. I want my users to go directly to my NEW cubecart6 instead of having to go to my website first. I hope that makes it a little clearer.
  12. I sure could use some advice on how to accomplish the following. I'm running a website that is running cubecart5. In other words, my website files are in public_html and cubecart5 is in a folder called cubecart that is called from a link in my website. I want to start using cubecart6. However, I'd like to replace my website with cubecart6. In other words, I'd like to have the cubecart6 files directly in public_html, replacing my website. I downloaded cubecart6 to my home computer, made some modifications to files in the 'Foundation' skins folder and got it working just the way I want it. So, how do I replace my production website files with the cubecart6 that I have installed on my home computer? I don't want to upload all the files from a new cubecart6 package, then run update. Then upload my modified Foundation folder because that will just upgrade my current cubecart5 to cubecart6, which I don't want. I believe I want to wipe my production website files from the public_html folder, upload all files from a fresh cubecart6 package, then run 'install'. After it completes, replace the production Foundation folder with my modified version. However, if I run 'install' will that affect my current database of products? What's the best way to accomplish this and still retain my database and admin settings? Thanks
  13. Your reply was VERY helpful, bsmither. Thanks I had mine set to Pending. I've had thousands of orders over the years and this never happened. I guess I was lucky. I'm not sure I want to switch it to 'Processing' because then I'll miss out on a second chance to communicate with a potential customer if they don't complete the order. You never know what might have happened while they were ordering.
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