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  1. That did it !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are one great support person!
  2. $coupon_id = (isset($_POST['coupon']['coupon_id'])) ? (int)$_POST['coupon']['coupon_id'] : null; $record = array( 'code' => preg_replace('/[^\w\-\_]/g', '', $_POST['coupon']['code']), 'product_id' => null, 'expires' => $_POST['coupon']['expires'], 'allowed_uses' => (int)$_POST['coupon']['allowed_uses'], 'min_subtotal' => $_POST['coupon']['min_subtotal'], 'shipping' => $_POST['coupon']['shipping'], 'description' => $_POST['coupon']['description'], 'free_shipping' => $_POST['coupon']['free_shipping'], ## Temporary reset 'discount_percent' => 0, 'discount_price' => 0 );
  3. I installed it and did some small edits on the look of it in templates files. There is an admin.bak directory that I created to keep the original files in, in case I needed to make changes to any file. That's not the directory I changed the files in. Should I delete that directory? To the best of my knowledge, I never did any editing on anything related to admin stuff unless you told me to for some reason in the forum. I can't remember if you did. One thing to keep in mind. This has been working as late as July 2020. I haven't touched it since then. The only other weird situation is that everything BUT the name gets put into the database when I click on 'save', as you can see from above the 'code' name is blank. One more thing I just noticed. In the db, there is an 'exclude' word under 'product id'. When I created the older codes, I never went into the tab where you included or excluded products. However, when I created the new code now, I clicked on that tab and noticed that it said "Promotional code applies to all EXCEPT above products", which I selected since I had no products listed. The old codes worked without selecting "Promotional code applies to all EXCEPT above products"
  4. I want to thank you for taking so much time to try and help me. it means a lot to me. Sorry I got the last post wrong. Hopefully I got it right this time. Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=---------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Length: 2038 -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="coupon[code]" superdeal -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="coupon[description]" -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="discount_type" percent -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="discount_value" 60.00 -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="coupon[expires]" 0000-00-00 -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="coupon[allowed_uses]" 0 -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="coupon[min_subtotal]" 0.00 -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="coupon[shipping]" 0 -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="coupon[free_shipping]" -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="coupon[coupon_id]" 9 -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="coupon[cart_order_id]" -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="product[]" -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="incexc" exclude -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="save" -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="previous-tab" #edit-coupon -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="token" a8ed2df937caf4385ddebe46d05359bf -----------------------------8483554229233913531803576152-- If that's wrong, I'm sorry. I'm trying.
  5. Is this what you're looking for? Does it tell you anything?
  6. I think that's the main problem. The name never shows up in the database or the promotional code page. Tried editing it. Tried adding new code. Same problem. Additional information. I haven't changed anything in Cubecart for over 2 years. When I add the code name manually to the database, it does show up in the admin section, but still gets error on checkout. After adding code to database manually, then go to the admin section and edit and save it, the name disappears in both places. It's as if the 'save' button sql is missing the 'name' field. But that doesn't explain why it doesn't work if I add it manually.
  7. Thanks for the detailed response. I made the changes, confirmed the files were changed, tried to check out and still getting the error. Do I have to restart something or ? The following errors were detected: Sorry, that code does not exist. Tried to add code. Code is called "superdeal" @ 60percent. Still doesn't show up. Database:
  8. Thank you. So, he saying replace this: preg_replace('/[^\w-_]/', '', $code) With: preg_replace("/[^a-z0-9_-]/i", '', $code) But he never says which file to change?
  9. Technical Details CubeCart Version 6.2.5 PHP Version (7.2 Recommended) 7.3.22 MySQL Version 10.1.40-MariaDB-cll-lve Image folder size Calculate Download folder size Calculate Max. Upload filesize 999M Browser user-agent Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0 SeaMonkey/2.49.4 Lightning/5.4 Server Software Apache Hope this helps
  10. I have version 6 installed. Not sure how to find my exact version number. I have not updated since installed a few years ago. Coupon codes have been working fine, but haven't used them since July 2020. I created a new code. When I save it. everything looks ok except the actual name of the coupon code is missing. That field is blank. Checked the database and it was missing. I manually added it to the db and it showed up in the admin page properly. If I edit that code, to change the percentage for example and save it, the name disappears both in the coupon code page and the db. I tried changing a previous coupon code that used to work, but the same thing happened. Even after manually entering the code into the db, customers get the 'sorry, coupon code doesn't exist' error. Coupon is set to apply to all products. Did search the forums, but fixed didn't seem to apply to my version. Since nothing has changed on my part, I'm baffled as to why they don't work all of a sudden.
  11. Thank you so much for your quick reply! I did not request new currency exchange rates. But... in Admin, Currencies, I noticed that for the Australian dollar, it has an exchange rate of 1.41596, which is very close to the increase you noticed. Since this is going to Australia, that is probably the correlation. But, we've sold things to Australia before and this has never happened before. The Australian dollar uses the $ symbol, so that's why the $ symbol in the email? So, based on what you said, if the customer chooses their local currency in Cubecart, which is different than the store's default, this would happen like this? If that is correct, then this doesn't require a response from you. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I really appreciate it.
  12. Third order of the day. First two were fine. Received email showing the following prices, which aren't the correct prices shown on the actual order in Cubecart. I can't figure out what happened. Does anyone have any ideas? Cubecart order shows: 1 x Hallows Eve Key Necklace - $20.00 1 x Antiquity Necklace - $12.00 1 x Alice's Rose Pendant Key Necklace - $15.00 Email order shows: Hallows Eve Key Necklace 1 $28.32 Antiquity Necklace 1 $16.99 Alice's Rose Pendant Key Necklace 1 $21.24
  13. Thanks, Noodleman. The third method sound like it might limit future growth if we added yet another category that required different shipping fees. I'll check out the other suggestions you made within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for taking the time to follow up on this.
  14. My wife and I make unique handmade jewelry items. None of these weight more than 6-8 oz. So, we offer flat rate shipping both domestically and internationally. This has worked flawlessly for over 1.5 years now. We now have a new category of items, called DataPets. These weight more than any jewelry item, so we want to charge a different flat rate for this new category of items. Right now, the shipping cost of any DataPets is more than what we charge to ship jewelry items, so we're losing a small amount of money on each DataPet order. Pretty simple shipping calculations, thanks for asking. Open for any suggestions from a more experienced e-commerce person.
  15. Thanks, bsmither, I was worried about the interaction between the modules if I added another shipping module.
  16. I started using the All-in-one-shipping module on CC6 about 1.5 years ago. Now I want to change/add/? a ship by category or ship by item module. What's the best way to add/convert to another shipping module without bringing the whole site down? Can you have more than one shipping module installed so I can start using the new module for the new category that I added? Also, any recommendations on which module is the best? Thanks
  17. I use a2hosting, which was recommended by CubeCart as one of the best Shared Hosting providers for Cubecart. They say that s2hosting is setup properly, including all SSD drives to run Cubecart properly. I guess that's one of the changes they made for us. So far, I have been very happy with them.
  18. On all the other attributes that I've entered in the past, I don't remember doing anymore than simply 'save'. However I may have done that sequence by accident. So, after adding attributes, (no ordering icons show up), I 'save and return'. At this point, if something needs reordered or modified, I can reorder and edit things. Then, whether or not I make any changes, I click 'save'. I still need to check the amount of key/value pairs passed. If large, change PHP limits. Currently: max_input_vars 10000 10000 If that's not correct, then I didn't understand your sequence. If that is correct, I don't need a response and I thank you again for your help.
  19. Just to make sure we're on the same page, On any one product, there are at most 12 options available to pick from. Would it be possible in my situation to exceed the default PHP limit of 1,000 key/value pairs? Or, am I looking at the wrong area? When/where would these key/value pairs be POSTed as to have it exceed PHP's limit and an INSERT statement fail to insert those options into the db? And, finally, what happened when you told me to move that one option up a notch and save it.I'm particularly interested in this answer because, during my trying to get it working, I deleted all 4 of those options and re-added them twice and it still didn't work. Thanks for taking the time to deal with this. You've been very helpful in this forum.
  20. Attached are images just after making your changes. Since the live listbox showed same order as admin/product attributes showed, AND db now shows Priority for those options, I went ahead and moved the 1TB back down, and now it looks like everything is working properly again. All other Options worked correctly. This set was the only ones that were not sorting properly. Thanks for telling me to do that as I would have probably been scratching my head for a long time before discovering that. Any ideas as to what happened, or what I could have possibly done wrong. It acted like a script didn't run/complete when I added those options. This can be marked as SOLVED. Thanks, bsmither!
  21. Running CC 6. See attached photos. Everything looks like it should work, but doesn't show product options properly. Attached are photos of how the product options are shown in the db, in the admin panel, in the product admin, in the catalog.class.php file, and on the live site. Notice that the live site, even have numerous cache clearing, show a strange order to product options. File names indicate where the image was taken from. Another strange behavior, is that I entered the options into the product ordered by size of ssd. However, when I went back in to check, the sort order was reversed. Any ideas that I can try to fix it?
  22. That makes sense. Thanks for all your help. Jeff
  23. Fantastic! The thing I was missing is that when you select the digital item, there's a little empty check box beside the selection, which I never noticed and never checked. That's how you make an item 'digital'. Once I checked that box, the icon in the Products section turned to the download item. So, from what you're telling me is that CC is smart enough to not add shipping charges to digital downloads. Great. That solves my first problem. Thanks. As for the second problem, I hadn't thought about the tax reporting situation. I guess I'll leave that alone for now. Help me understand why I would still need the "deliver to billing address" and "I would like to create an account" check boxes as they apply to digital downloads.
  24. bsmither, Wow, thanks for the quick response!! Always impresses me! I may not have been clear enough in my initial request. I want to add a digital product. Lets call it a print. I want the user to 'add it to basket' and checkout. i.e. go directly to PayPal and pay. My first, problem is that shipping charges are added. I can't find anyway to turn off shipping charges to one item. I have flat rate shipping fees based on country. My second problem is that I would like the user to go directly to PayPal (my only gateway) and pay there, without having to enter any shipping or billing address in my website. I will not be shipping anything. I'm assuming that once they pay, CC will somehow automatically email them a link for the download. (please confirm that's how it works) They will download the high resolution print. Therefore, I don't believe that I need any information from them except for their email address (not sure where they would enter this, though). p.s. what reason would I need their billing address for (per your suggestion)? I can get that from PayPal if I need it. Hope that helps to clarify my problems I'm trying to solve.
  25. I have a question I can't figure out. I setup Cubecart 8 months ago, selling physical products. I now want to start selling digital prints. I'm using the "All in one shipping" module. It's setup to add s shipping fee based on location. e.g. US, one price, Foreign, another price. How do I setup a digital download product to not include shipping and not require an address? I did see one forum comment of how to turn off asking for shipping address, but nothing in CC6.0 matched the suggestions. I've spent many hours today, trying to figure this out, but have stuck out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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