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  1. Upgraded to the newest version. Im trying to do a file back up and am getting this: Error: PCLZIP_ERR_READ_OPEN_FAIL (-2) : Unable to open archive 'backup/files_6.0.12_27Sep16-020437.zip' in wb mode When trying to back up the database Im getting this: PCLZIP_ERR_MISSING_FILE (-4) : File '/var/www/html/creations/backup/database_full_6.0.12_creations_27Sep16-020743.sql' does not exist Database backup failed. Not sure whats going on here Anyone?
  2. Had a hardware issue with my server and had to redo everything including a drive. Luckily Ive been keeping a complete backup copy of the entire site folder and an export of the mysql db sql file as I work on it. I installed a WAAMP setup on my backend windows testing machine for testing. I copied in the folder, imported the sql into the database etc. Everything works good with the site. I got everything configured on my linux server and copied in the folder and imported database. Going to the site im getting this error. Anyone know how to correct this. Thanks in advance Warning: Could not change cache path (/var/www/html/creations/cache/) in /var/www/html/creations/classes/cache/file.class.php on line 258
  3. If you look at my site http://www.the-killians.com/creations you can see that I have to create a separate product using each image. I just wanted to create a category of say Bath Bombs which has 30 different small images, 30 different medium images and 30 different large images. I wanted to make is so they are selecting a bath bomb and then choosing the shape they wanted in a drop down then selecting the scent etc from drop downs. After selecting that particular image which is displaying in the main screen then adding that particular image to the cart.
  4. Actually this works to a certain degree. Under product select all of the images you want. Obviously they all appear under the product and when on hover appear in the image box and remain there. Problem is we need a code snippet or hook that keeps the image selected when added to the cart. When added to the cart it reverts back to the main image selected. Got to be a way to write a snippet of code (or alter current code) to keep the selected image to be placed in the cart/basket. It would also have to be a new selected item or it would just replace any already in the cart. Anyone?
  5. Hi All, Using v6.08 I have images of shapes uploaded. I want to have a standard image of the product. The product has attribute drop downs for shapes, sizes, scent and colors. Is there any way to have an attribute link to and change the original image to the drop down selection for shapes. So when they select a certain shape it changes the product image to the shape image selected?
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