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  1. Thanks DB..... Its the very latest version of Cubecart. Well, if the issue is intermittent Ill go with that. I would not know if it was there before because I didn't use it. I've been in Hong Kong. But if its globally accepted that FB is a rat up the "R"s regarding accuracy of transmission publication, I'm happy with that. I'll see if I can disable the RECCOMMEND button. Using the little blue "f" seems to work every time. So if this baffles you it certainly baffles me and Ive been in this field since 1993. if anyone else suffers this oddity or has any theory on how I can fix intermittency..... Im all ears.
  2. and a big P.S. It gets better. Other items appear without the preview image in the recommend window and then on the actual post in FB its an altogether different object. This is only since upgrading, and also, this is a completely fresh reinstall into a blank folder.
  3. Since the upgrade now when I click Recommend button the incorrect image appears??? Where can I find the path error for this please? I don't know if Im allowed to point to the error but if you look at www.RaggedyBird.com you'll see what I mean. Best wishes,.... N. Armstrong.
  4. Yes, I know.... I spent most of last night looking through the files. In the end I did a reinstall complete and imported all the relevant data but I would rather not have had to do that. This foxed me. I managed to take out the entire language section. But that's too extreme. I don't understand why I could not even disable the language. It just would not accept the command. Ive customised PHPBB3's and 2's and etc for years but I cannot cannot find the reason anywhere as to why the delete language sys would not work or the ability to edit it and add its missing guts even internally. SQL isn't a field I like working in so I suspect it was all in the DB but I'm not going there. My life will be sucked away before I know it. Anyway, it was quicker to do a reinstall and import all the bits. Thanks for looking in anyway. It didn't make sense to me either. I host wioth Heartinternet.com and haven't had any real reason to doubt their integrity serversidewise.... Except that last Christmas my main business site was infected by a virus called "Christmas" whose origin was Turkey!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hello Good People.... I've used CC for many years now though not from its birth sadly. I have an issue. I wanted to install the Chinese Language. The system allowed me to list Chinese as a language, and even had a slot for the conversion currency for HKD (Hong Kong Dollars) but thats way off and doesnt seem to compute at all so in HKD everything is about 97% discounted. :). Tired of going round in circles..... I want to delete the CHINESE Language I set up. It has no flag. Looks bad. Tries to load in the extension .gif with no prefix for the image filename, I cannot edit or delete this language and am scratching my head as to how on earth to get the languages back as they were. lang1.jpg image shows the missing graphic holder. lang2.jpg shows the impossibility to delete the Chinese error in the language set and will NOT allow status changes.. Help would be superb. Token payment for a technician to go in and sort it is also available. But I cant afford CC's current fees sadly. They wont fit the budget. Thanks for reading. Neil.
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