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  1. Checkout Issue?

    26 characters excluding the semi-colon at the end of the string.
  2. Checkout Issue?

    Difficult to count but I believe after __atuvc= there are circa 146 characters. Regarding GitHub 789 to ensure uniqueness and an incremental value would it not be possible to include date and time up to thousands of a second? If it is possible to obtain those values?
  3. Checkout Issue?

    Thanks for responding. My understanding from what you are saying is the session identifier, when truncated, no longer becomes unique. Hence the issue. I regret I cannot locate the customer id's. However I note the first customer registered at 12:06 and the second at 12:08. I am running version 6.1.13. Regards
  4. I am posting this as I wonder if anybody else has encountered this issue. I have received an email today from a customer purchasing from my shop. I will quote his email: “ Hi, I have just tried to order a Passport cover, however when I went to pay the basket auto updated to a Kindle cover for some gentleman in England!” About the same time this event took place I received an order for a Kindle cover from somebody in England. Regards.
  5. Resent email

    Thank you. I have been able to retrieve the email from viewing the source. I will verify it tomorrow using the utility. Regards
  6. Resent email

    Apologies if I wasn’t clear. Scenario: There is an email sitting in my shops email log with an ‘x’ sitting in the Sent column. I click on the Resend in CubeCart and the email is sent satisfactorily. (The original email with the ‘x’ is still sitting in the log). I receive this resent email in my email client but it doesn’t have the original senders email address as the sender. It has the my shops email address as the sender. Hence I can’t access the original senders email address. I hope that makes sense. PS. There is a statement at the bottom of the email in the Email log stating the following: ‘This email is sent from the stores master email address but it is possible to reply directly to the sender using the reply button on your email software.’ When I resend the email from the Email log the sender becomes the shops email address. Hence when I attempt to reply in my email client the email is sent back to my shop.
  7. Resent email

    Many thanks for responding. "In the program that you use to read your emails, there should be a way to view the email's headers. This feature may be called "View Source" or something similar. " The problem I have is, in order for me to read it in my email program I have to re-send it from the Email Log and it appears CubeCart puts the shops destination email address in as the sender. I have this problem sporadically whereby emails are not sent onto me. I have encountered this with orders not being sent on but at least the purchasers email address is in the order. I have contacted my hosting service to see if a. they can retrieve the senders email address and b. if there is a problem their end. "You also mention that the Contact Us email is listed in CubeCart's admin, Email Log. I will submit a bug report that the Email Log should show the Contact Us submitter's email address. " That will be very useful! Thank you.
  8. Resent email

    The shop received an email enquiry but for some reason it was not sent onto the shops destination email address. It shows in the email log with an ‘x’ in the Sent column. I resend it and it is received in the shops destination email address. However when I attempt to reply the reply-to email address is my shops email address. Not the original sender. Is there anyway I can recover the senders email address? Thanks.
  9. Is this a PayPal issue?

    Lack of patience on my part! Must have been a hold up as the process has completed.
  10. Order is sitting at pending, no emails have been issued, nothing showing in the transaction log, nothing showing in the error logs yet looking at the Paypal account the order has been paid. Other orders have processed ok today. Thanks for any ideas.
  11. CSRF

    Thanks for your help. Your solution appears to have done the trick. However when I attempted a backup immediately after the upgrade I received the following message "/admin_xxxxxx/sources/maintenance/indexbackup.inc.php - not found." ?
  12. CSRF

    Thanks. To roll back to 6.1.5 is it simply a case of re-installing that version?
  13. CSRF

    Thanks for getting back to me. I have cleared the browser cache and am attempting to log in under SSL. Still receiving the same error. On further analysis I appear to be receiving a bunch of error messages: E.G. [20-Apr-2017 08:19:24 Europe/London] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /vhost/vhost16/l/i/f/lifecovers.co.uk/www/admin_xxxx/sources/maintenance.index.inc.php on line 850 [20-Apr-2017 07:37:31 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid Security Token in /vhost/vhost16/l/i/f/lifecovers.co.uk/www/classes/sanitize.class.php on line 143 Is this related?
  14. CSRF

    Just upgraded to 6.1.6 and receiving Cross-Site Request Forgery error when trying to log into the Admin Panel? The website appears the functioning ok. I believe I am not alone with this as another user has posted the same error under General Discussion.
  15. [Resolved] Error Trapping

    bsmither, Thanks for your response. Just what I was looking for.