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  1. I will have to say one thing, having used others and always find myself going back to CubeCart. CubeCart is one of the best systems out there well for me it is. Absolutely solid system from V5 and I can only imagine about V6. There are no bugs as I have tested the V5 and using it right now and not one of my customers head any issue using it. All else is cosmetics and add ons if you want something special other than that this thing is solid like a tank. From user interface, Shiping Modules to Payment Modules and rest is just what you need and this is me happy that it is like this. Only issue or wait.. Its not an issue its cosmetics, we need more themes other than that 100% operational. Was I bugging the support team, hell yes I was and I love it but for something retarded not because things dont work If you have problems with this and that,, trust me its your server.. And tell me that i'm wrong ps I love CubeCart
  2. yep i get the same message and its not important its just the time going to a different site and checking the ip instead of just clicking on it.
  3. This has been a drag and cant understand why we cant have a simple plugin where we can send a message to a single customer and have the message display in his profile. Also customer able to delete message after reading it. Something simple like from Admin CP find a User and have a box where we type info and it gets displayed in his profile. Is this hard to make?
  4. Hi is this normal or is there something that we can do to fix it, See attachment and thank you.
  5. Hi just a question? what is the code do display Availability : In Stock: This is sample that I used for Condition Ok found it its using {if $PRODUCT.stock_level} <strong>{$LANG.catalogue.condition}</strong> Thanks
  6. Yep did that and nothing.. It works only if I change it in Admin but I will look into creating new pack. Thank again bud Its to bad that I dont have this es-ES.xml. in english this is going to take me long time
  7. I have managed to translate and make a Croatian language pack but its not working. So when I select the language on my page no change happens, I have followed installation instructions and cant find the last part. What am i missing. I have included .xml files at the bottom of the page I also went to Import/Export Email Contents as well and did that part Files that I edited and converted cr-HR.xml email_cr-HR.xml
  8. Ohh damn yep you are correct I will fix this. I think I have done this when I was styling my Admin v5 to look like v6 Thanks again bud
  9. Hi again Well I can see Categories just fine only problem that I have is I cant edit or delete sub categories. I cant find them, any help on what to do or to add some code to get them to pop
  10. Yep I didnt find the option in CC5 so glad bsmither got in and worked great. I love CC5 and it has all I need so dont want to mess things up if I dont need to hehe Like they say.. "Dont fix it if it aint broke"
  11. where is that located and yes thats perfect
  12. Hey just a question,, Where can I find the file so I can edit the text in the picture. I did look in templates but couldnt find it. I want to change the reason so only Registered users can use check out.
  13. Only USPS not working or not showing up at all and request log reads:\ Request Sent - http://production.shippingapis.com/ShippingAPI.dll API=RateV4&XML=<RateV4Request USERID="portablebosna"> <Package ID="0"> <Service>ALL</Service> <ZipOrigination>46825</ZipOrigination> <ZipDestination>46825</ZipDestination> <Pounds>2</Pounds> <Ounces>0</Ounces> <Container>VARIABLE</Container> <Size>REGULAR</Size> <Machinable>False</Machinable> <ReturnLocations>TRUE</ReturnLocations> </Package> </RateV4Request> Response received <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Error><Number>80040B1A</Number><Description>Authorization failure. Perhaps username and/or password is incorrect.</Description><Source>USPSCOM::DoAuth</Source></Error>
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