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  1. Before I wipe out my code on the homepage slider, is there a way to embed a vimeo video in the same place the slider exists? I would think it would be very easy to do, but I've been wrong before. I tried the search with "home page" "embed" "slider" and "video" and nothing came up so pardon me if this is a solved topic. Ci
  2. Ok I'm just confused as always, I saw this. And if I turn off the usps addon so there is no shipping you get the error about not having a shipping system setup. So if you wanted to offer some sort of free shipping coupon as a call to action, what would be the best way to go about it? Make a coupon for like $10.00 and be done with it? Again many thanks, Mike
  3. I'm trying to set up a coupon for free shipping, I went through the process saved it, but where does it appear or how would or could I use this on FB or my cubecart website. I'm telling ya, by the time I get my site setup you might be able to add me as a moderator to help other people someday. hehehe Thanks, Mike
  4. Ok I'm giving it go, thanks again, it worked but picture is repeating. Is there some sort of snip it like "do not repeat background image" to stop this?
  5. Your help today really meant a lot and it worked and here it comes, but it messed up the SSL and you get the warning about the site not being secure. So I went back here to this post and notice the part about "everything below the bread crumbs" What I would like to do is have the background image do this swimlife have the image fill entire background like the pool water does on swimlife. Obviously I'm not a programmer, but can follow directions, is this possible? I can upload an image to my server, but without being logged in how can anybody see it? I tried uploading image in cubecart admin images but file is over 800m. I changed php file size on wHm to accommodate background image but it kept saying it was too large. I swear, If you can help me through this, I will not bother you again. I might have already said this and if I did I mean it this time. I found this in skins/foundation/config.xml </styles> <images> <image reference="thumbnail" maximum="190" quality="80" default="noimage.png" /> <image reference="category" maximum="800" quality="80" default="" /><!-- Doesnt need a default --> <image reference="subcategory" maximum="105" quality="80" default="noimage.png" /> <image reference="gallery" maximum="50" quality="80" default="noimage.png" /> <image reference="normal" maximum="300" quality="80" default="noimage.png" /> <image reference="enlarge" maximum="600" quality="80" default="" /><!-- Doesnt need a default --> <image reference="tiny" maximum="30" quality="80" default="noimage.png" /> <image reference="small" maximum="200" quality="80" default="noimage.png" /> <image reference="medium" maximum="500" quality="80" default="noimage.png" /> <image reference="large" maximum="600" quality="80" default="" /><!-- Doesnt need a default --> </images> </skin> Can I change file size here?
  6. file path skins/foundation/css/cubecart.default.css
  7. ok I tried this... /* Use this to add specific CSS for this subtheme * .home_wrapper{ background-image: url (http://www.intrawallpaper.com/static/images/wpid-Widescreen-Wallpaper-Nature-2.jpg);} in this file /skins/foundation/css default Cleared cache in cubecart admin and browser and I'm still not getting a background image for homepage. I'm going crazy here, this is not rocket science, any other advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. /* Use this to add specific CSS for this subtheme * .home_wrapper{ background-image: url (https://myaviationpage.com:2083/cpsess7904343080/frontend/paper_lantern/filemanager/index.html;)}
  9. Well that would make sense, I thought originally it was to add page url you wanted background image to show on. Now the source file url is really long and don't you have to be logged into cpanel to see it? Or is this permissions thing. I tried it that way as well, will try again and show code. I'm sure I'm doing something really simply wrong.
  10. I must have missed something, or I'm doing this wrong, I'm so done.....
  11. I honestly really don't know what got paypal working but it works now. I think it was more of a learning curve error because paypal and paypal developer are so confusing for the first time user, but thanks for your help! Let me add this, on stackoverflow it was mentioned that the api username cause a "silent space" at the end so I put cursor in box and held down delete, then I hit backspace until I deleted last digit, then retyped it of course and then paypal magically started working. New problems that may not be problems. 1. When you click secure checkout, it pulls up page where you would setup a membership, but if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page you can click paypal button. Is there a way, so it isn't confusing for the customer, to just have paypal button, because their info will be on paypals site, and I want this to be an extremely fast and painless checkout. I had something else but I'm so fried and I can't remember, anyways thanks so much for your help and support I would be no where without you guys. M
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