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  1. Whilst this solves the problem of itemised costs in matrix options, it does not solve the problem of displaying a zero value value for matrix options on the home page. If the only answer is to enter the items individually,then the matrix options is useless ! because you would enter all the costs for the individual products anyway. I can see a lot of work ahead, taking stock out of matrix options and placing them into individual products.
  2. When pricing options I am leaving the main pricing Tab empty as the options have different prices, however this mean that on the home screen the price is shown as Zero. Is there a way around this ? Also for the inventories sake there is no way of adding individual cost prices for each item, is there a workaround for this as well ?
  3. This has now been resolved and can be locked
  4. I have set it up once, but had to change the email address of my paypal account, now I have had two failed transactions, so I am thinking that I need to reset the API's to the new account address, but I have forgotten how to do it
  5. Can someone explain how to set this up please. I've recently changed my paypal login details and now this seems to have stopped working
  6. There are no options for the product in Cubecart. There are no white spaces before or after the entry in the EAN field. I am trying to post the items to the sites shop on Ebay.co,uk We have managed to list three items to the store manually through Ebay, we were hoping this would provide some automation to a boring job Support ticket raised
  7. I know someone who hotlinks everything on his site to porn, it seems to stop them.
  8. It's in this category Collectables / Trains/ Railway Models / OO Gauge / Parts & Accessories / Other Parts & Accessories
  9. I have tried it with "Does not apply" in the EAN field, that didn't work either. My business is not that much different from anyone else's other than the lack of barcodes on some products, so assuming there are no other issues if we fix this, we should be good to go.
  10. Good Morning I have entered the EAN for the test product, but am getting an error telling me the EAN field is missing, even when I enter the correct EAN for the product I still get the error. This may cause a big problem down the line if the field cannot be changed to "Does not apply" as I stock a lot of products from small manufacturers that do not use bar codes, my own products don't use bar codes either.
  11. Ok thanks I've found that, bit of a pain having to enter the bar code for each item, just an idea but could you add field to the inventory listing to show that EAN does not apply ? Have a good lunch I cant do anymore until Monday now as I don't have the bar codes at home
  12. Ok that first error has disappeared, now its failing because I am not entering an EAN, but I cannot find anywhere to enter it. It also states I have not set a shipping service, but I have. I have set the MPN to "Does Not Apply" but cannot see a field for EAN
  13. Still getting the same error despite getting the all ok message in the Admin Control panel
  14. Good morning Just to clarify I have got all the tokens as is shown in the Cube Cart1 image, when I try to push the product to EBay I get the error as show in the cube cart2 image
  15. Ok I just tried to post an Item and go this error; [20170] Error | Schema XML request error. - Schema XML request error: Invalid token valuedata=[ ]. | VALUE: Invalid token valuedata=[ ] I updated the Ebay cached values, and now it says I need to generate another token, I've clicked on "get token" and nothing is happening.
  16. With that info from you I know get this in the Admin Control panel, eBay Session Status Session ID has been set, Go get a Token eBay Token Status You have a Token. As long as you linked your ebay account in the popup window you should be able to use the plugin eBay Token Expires Sunday, May 13th 2018 at 9:20pm API Messages Success: eBay Token has been set. So I assume it's good to go ?
  17. I've managed to download the correct version and the site is now back online. I am having a lot of difficulty finding the Ebay API RuNAME I cannot see it anywhere in my account on EBay Neither can I find where to set the EBay API information : eBay Session Status Not Set eBay Token Status You still need to generate a token eBay Token Expires You still need to generate a token API Messages The SessionID in your request is invalid Your support pages do not seem to help on this matter
  18. Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I guessed that is what I have to do regarding getting the site back up, I am at work at the moment so it will have to wait. How do I download a different version ?
  19. I installed the EBay Shop plugin today, after entering the code, and checking the box to activate then clicking on save, I've lost the site completely, no access to admin. site appears to be down. Help please. Site is https://testvalleymodels.com
  20. I keep getting a prompt to say I am not running the latest version, when I click on "Upgrade Now" I'm told I am running the latest version, and if I want to re-install I should click on "Force Upgrade" any ideas why this is happening and what should I do ?
  21. I could but it still doesn't reduce the number of actions required to post an image, and it means browsing through a whole lot more, that would however be made easier if you didn't have to use a check box, but could do so just by selecting image description.
  22. I have found that out, but it still seems to be longer way round to do things ! Perhaps you would like to upload the 200 new items per week I have coming into my shop !!
  23. Thanks for the downgrade in the latest update ! Now instead of just browsing for an image and uploading it, you now have to drag it into a box, and then select it from the list to include it with a product, costs more time and is a retrograde step, can we have the old system or at least give us the choice !!
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