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  1. Does anyone know where I can get instructions on how to set this up ? Especially concerning Facebook and Twitter
  2. Thanks very much, customers will now know that the buttons are working
  3. When I hover the cursor over some buttons it doesn't change to hover mode. When you click on the buy button there is no indication that you have bought the item, but it does add it to the cart. Help please Mican theme V1.0.2 Update. I've found the setting for it to jump to the basket when an item is added, but there is no "continue shopping" button, should there be ?
  4. Google is reporting that the text is too small, and links are too close together as the biggest problems. It's not too much of an issue yet as the majority of my visitors ( according to stats) are using desktop versions, only 2% are using mobile, but it would be great if someone could produce a fully responsive skin to run alongside the other skins available. Are there any paid or premium skins out there ?
  5. The description for "Mobile" says it is not compatible with CC6
  6. When I analyze my site through Google, it's telling me that it is not responsive and fails the Google test. Google are recommending that I add <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> to my site. Will this work, and If so which file do I edit with this code ?
  7. If this is in the wrong place please move it! I'm trying to figure out what the 'Options' function is for in the products, and how to use it. I'm guessing that it allows you to show variations of product that are the same price eg; Shoes > Colour > Size I just cannot seem to get it to work !
  8. There is a setting in the product setup to set the stock warning level, this is the bit that isn't working when you choose "Use Product Specific" warnings, the global setting seems to override it for some reason.
  9. I found Shopify to be expensive, especially the add ins, and a lot of them don't work how they should. A lot depends on where you are in the world, Shopify is very US in it's format, my customers are 99% UK and they didn't like parts of the shop, "Too American" was the biggest observation. Personally I find CC easier because I have a bit of HTML knowledge and can work with CSS, it's a lot more difficult in shopify to make changes to phrases etc. shipping costs are a lot more difficult to set up for the UK too, because of the way Royal Mail structure the prices on weight and size.
  10. That is where I made the change, however if you set it to "Use Product Specific" it doesn't work, it still works from the level set in "Global Stock Warning level"
  11. Stock warnings appear to only respond to "Global" setting, and not user specific. Sort of resolved !
  12. I've set my stock levels, but the warning system is not working, even though the stock has a value of +1 and the min level is set to 0, I am getting a warning
  13. I read recently on an SEO blog that because every man and his dog has a Facebook page, Google no longer gives those pages with less than 7000 "likes" and juice, also in the case of Twitter you need at least number of tweets for the same reason. Has anyone read anything to contradict this, the guru's on the official Google forum are refusing to comment.
  14. Can some one tell me how to control the sidebar expanding and closing, I want it to close when the cursor moves off it
  15. Apologies for waking this up! I have edited my code to reflect the changes, and all seems to be OK and working fine, do I need to so through my inventory and "save" each product for this to work ?
  16. I wondered what that short description was for ... DOH!
  17. You guys are the best ! Thanks again for the fix
  18. Note how the words are cut off in the previews
  19. My product previews have orphans, any idea how to fix it ?
  20. I thought this would be more of a core code question, rather than a theme related one.
  21. My "On sale" panel is showing the actual saving on MRP, is there any way I can have it show store prices instead ?
  22. Checking through my site i found that there is an alignment problem on the checkout page with the "Empty basket box and text in the other boxes. please see pic, need a fix if there is one. I am using Mican theme
  23. I only needed one image as I combined them, it looks great, thanks for the help
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