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  1. So I could in fact put an <li> in there, underneath the logo div to create the row I need to accommodate the trust icons I want to include?
  2. As a newcomer to Cubecart I just wanted to tell you people how pleased I am with it. Before CC my shop was with Shopify, my customers hated it, the layout, shopping basket, nothing was right with it, and it was costing sales, the thing they moaned about most was the lack of trust icons. I tried several other solutions but found problems with all of them, form Magento to Squarespace, Xencart and others, all had issues, with Xencart you need to be a better coder than I am. I tried CC for five weeks on a localhost before deciding to take it live, and I can honestly say I'm glad I chose it. A big thanks to all those that help out on here, and a bigger thank you to those who wrote the core code.
  3. I'm trying to figure out if the header automatically expands to accommodate the size of the logo, or is it like all the other images and it gets re-sized. I'm asking because I want to add payment type and trust logo's to the right of the logo. I know I could just try it out, but I'd prefer to know before I goo hunting down all the relevant icons to find it doesn't work !
  4. I want to use Wordpress as a product review platform as a sub domain on my host. I'm using the Mican theme, I' wondering what is the best way to hard code a link to the wordpress site from that theme ?
  5. Great that's the colour I need to change
  6. I am using the Mican theme, but want to alter the colour scheme a little. I'm finding the brown text a little off putting because the theme is predominately blue, can anyone point me to which bit of CSS I need to play with to get the colours how I want them?
  7. In the near future I will be opening a bricks and mortar shop, but as is the norm these days I also want an online prescence to boost sales. I have looked at and tried lot of software, when a mate suggested I look at Cube Cart. My main issue is that I have several products that can be ordered in diferent sizes, and are priced by size, will I have to have each size as a differnt product, or will I be able to have a drop down selector which will state the respective prices to size.
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