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  1. Customer records

    Trading from the UK it is a European thing called GDPR all about protecting peoples data that you have on file and includes retention times, hence the question of could i clear down after a set period of time, certainly as i stand with transactions going back to the year 2006 I do need to do something. Kind regards Russell.
  2. Customer records

    We are being told that we have to protect customer data and also that we should only retain it for a few months, my customer list gos back to 2006 is there any way to purge this and also is there a way to set up an automatic purge after say 4 months. Thanks Russell.
  3. [Resolved] Shop no update

    Version 6.1.9 and still stuck unable to auto update haha this joke has worn very thin now and has just become boring.
  4. Alternative

    Can someone recommend an alternative to cubecart that will import my stock etc as I feel that cubecart has so lost it's way. I could not upgrade last time from 6.1.1 to 6.1.7 but was told 6.1.7 would fix this if I upgraded manually, now 6.1.8 out and I have the same problem, fed up with this now and would rather change to a working upgradable shop even if it means a monthly payment. The real problem with cubecart is that since it stopped charging there appears to be a big push on paying for some one to update your site and this problem feels very convenient. Bored now and wish to leave. Kind regards Russell.
  5. [Resolved] Shop no update

    Only had 3 items in my store when updated, so added a dozen or so more yesterday no problem. Added one item this morning and it showed up in the shop but when clicked it just returned http500 error, reloaded and deleated reinstalled item but same problem. The fix in the end was to click force upgrade button. Hopefully just a one off. Kind regards Russell.
  6. [Resolved] Shop no update

    Did all above and got store updated, thanks for your help. Kind regards Russell.
  7. [Resolved] Shop no update

    Have heard nothing back from this developer mentioned above, however I have managed to get access to cpanel so does this mean that I can now do my upgrade to fix my shop. I have read the instructions I understand upload all expanded files from zip and overwrite existing, the bit I find lacking is how to run setup do you click a file in the setup directory or what please could you explain that and I will give it a go. Thanks in advance. Russell.
  8. [Resolved] Shop no update

    Thanks for your help, I understand what you say if I can get to 6.1.7 the bug is fixed but a correct fix would be to be able to click the update button not manually get to 6.1.7 to get the update button working again, as stated earlier the people writing the code broke the code but now it is my problem to get it fixed, which I find wrong, there should be a patch or something that can be run as admin for people like me. Not manually update requiring server access. Russell.
  9. [Resolved] Shop no update

    I know that is what I have worked out. So basically this shop has a problem that the update button no longer works and if you have no server access you have no means of updating that is a very sad state of affairs and a massive backwards step, come on code writers this has been a known problem for a while I belive so when are you going to sort out the problem that you caused, it has become my problem but I have no means to fix it, so I need to rely on you. Kind regards Russell.
  10. [Resolved] Shop no update

    We are a green laning club I took over the shop about a year ago at version 4 as it had not been touched for ages I updated it by the update button to version 6 and have been updating it the same way every time it states an update is available, I run the shop I should not need nor do I have server access. Kind regards Russell.
  11. [Resolved] Shop no update

    No I can click the update button and that has worked well until now it seems. Kind regards Russell.
  12. [Resolved] Shop no update

    I would need access to the server to copy the files to it that way and unfortunately I do not have access, so are you saying that there is no way to update via admin access. Kind regards Russell.
  13. [Resolved] Shop no update

    How do I upgrade manually ? Kind regards Russell.
  14. My store appears to be stuck at 6.1.1 sometimes when I log in it states a later version is available but click update and it takes me to force update which stays at 6.1.1 what am I doing wrong or is 6.1.1 the latest version. Kind regards Russell.