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  1. Today I recieved a email form the stores email to my admin email that I didn't send my self with some type of russian letters. I'm the only admin. This is some of the email... "SEOcax <[email protected]> escribió a Oportunidades de negocios (Business opps): --------------- рекомендации по продвижению сайта - seorussian.ru" Me email is registered in the stores email log. I'm running latest version. (think I upgrades on the 14th.) All ready changed passwords. Has someone else had this problem? Fixes? recommendations?
  2. The email has common letters and numbers and I tried creating a user with his email from my computer and there was no problem. I think that it may be a problem with the browser that he is using on is phone because I tried with my iPhone and I did get the reCaptcha. I'll ask him to give me info on his phones system and browser versions.
  3. A costumer (friend) is trying to register with a email address like #######_######@yahoo.com.mx (# are letters and numbers) and CC6 is asking for a valid email address. The email address is not yet registered and it is not in the mailing list. He's on a mobile What can the problem be? email too long? Also the ReCaptcha is not appearing.
  4. The stock levels are my main problem since the shop I'm installing will launch with low stock levels. So I guess a warning not to hit the back button is the only "fix" for now. Thank you ayz1
  5. Hi, I'm getting orders cloned (with different order number) if customers backs out after having selected Paypal as paying option. This doesn't happen if the user hits the cancel link on the Paypal page but it does happen if the browser back button is used. Is there a fix for this?
  6. Couldn't get the problem fixed with the SPF. About 10 days ago the hosting server had some problems with the mysql and the site was down for about 10 hours. Later that day hosting reinstalled the DB with a old backup. This morning I deleted the site and reinstalled CC and pulled my backups and the mail sending problem got fixed. Thank you bsmither for your help.
  7. It says that changes take about one hour but this is the current TXT record. I'll check later to see if it fixed the problem. Also I've enabled Godaddy's Sitelock on this domain, it has a "Spam Scan" function and there's no way of turning it off. Godaddy sayd that that wasn't the problem but I'm beginning to have my doubts.
  8. Ok found the SPF Record Config. In the DNS Manager there is no SPF record, I selected Add Record > Record Type: SPF and this is what opens. It's as shown. My domain and hosting is at GoDaddy. In A (Host) : @, admin and mail have same IP
  9. I'm trying to find where to change the SPF but I can't find it. I'm on GoDaddy Hosting with Cpanel
  10. Hi, I'm having problems with CC6 outgoing emails, this includes order and mailing list emails to all email recipientes outside my domain. This is the return email: " This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: host p3nlsmtpcp-v01.prod.phx3.dgd [] (Not actual host and IP,changed for security) SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 552 5.2.0 iqgQaQhJzsnF3 :: CPANEL :: Message rejected for spam or virus content :: Please include this entire message when contacting support :: v=2.1 cv=CdaonOfl c=1 sm=1 tr=0 p=b_YecZnQn94A:10 a=FU1vHajIvWWWmTKf2zu0BA==:117 a=GbY4KEs8Y9qe2SF7mqCR4Q==:17 a=L9H7d07YOLsA:10 a=9cW_t1CCXrUA:10 a=s5jvgZ67dGcA:10 a=7OsogOcEt9IA:10 a=DqS9l7tHAAAA:8 a=Q21NBFIXAAAA:8 a=VIfiC_BThBod6n3NiFMA:9 a=QEXdDO2ut3YA:10 a=wzhd10PU8Q4A:10 a=SSmOFEACAAAA:8 a=QtGwhDaJuUvNESkpKlAA:9 a=EabNiMVpZuv9DM8y:21 a=_W_S_7VecoQA:10 a=frz4AuCg-hUA:10 a=p403mkujtbAA:10 :: 100.00 " Just updated to 6.0.11 and problem persists Any advice?
  11. I'll start with the cloning and study the ckeditor's js before getting in to make any changes to it. Thank you guys.
  12. Hi, How can I save or create Product description Templates? How can I have my own templates apear in the list when clicking the templates icon? If I click the save icon on the description creating window the product "saves" and takes me to the product list. But it doesn't save the work really and doesn't open any window to select folder to save to or nothing. I must click the bottom Save or Save and reload to save the work but not as a template.
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