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  1. what do you mean blocked , i went to ur page didnt see where i could contact you thx
  2. Hello there looking for someone to revamp my website www.186mph.com to look more modernized like http://www.rubbersideup.com/ with the latest and greatest plugins thx
  3. Can u help me I can PayPal u ur fees
  4. No haven't used site since march I let some one from India do some configuring and I messed up some stuff
  5. when a customer tries to check out on the site he or she receives this error message. Critical Error: This page can ONLY be viewed under SSL!need to hire someone to fix using version 4 thx
  6. what price are you think for the skin
  7. https://www.rubbersideup.com/
  8. looking for someone who can clone a skin /website for me thx
  9. for some reason cant log into admin portal and the email reset is not working is there a back door to fix this problem
  10. need my cubecart upgraded . need to hire some one thanks can explain better thx
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