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  1. Well I tried renaming the Dir and the website stopped responding to anything I did in admin pages, even after ctrl-f5. I changed names back and was able to control the site again. I tried again to rename and now it is not even acting like I changed the version. If I rename the Dir it simply will not let me do anything on admin level, nothing saves. What do I do to re-install 6.2.2 or upgrade to 6.2.9? When I tried the built in upgrade when it said I was behind a revision it told me I was up to date after trying to run.
  2. Circling back to this one.. In public_html/admin/skins/default/templates/settings.hooks.php file I do have the code above. In public_html/admin_xxxxx/skins/default/templates/settings.hooks.php I do not have that code. It has
  3. I do not get into my file system at all unless something breaks. I recall for a while i had to use "domain/admin_abc.php" then with one upgrade it forced me to change that to "domain/admin_xyz.php" I can see that there is an "admin" folder and one "admin_xxxxxx" in the public html folder as well. my ini.inc.php in root directory shows a last modified date of Aug/7/2018 Does any of that help?
  4. 1st off thanks for looking into it, both of you! I will check that file when I get home tonight as I do not have ftp/file access where I am currently. I went ahead and placed the original php commands to the [ ] enclosed ones. No change in the gibberish and it still allows checkout. Not sure why I would be on anything less than 622? I upgraded quite a while ago and it says I am up to date. What do you recommend for me to get it up to date?
  5. I had disabled the code, it is back now. Just in case it was a skin issue I tried a bunch of different ones with no change.
  6. Thank you for that idea! Did you do anything else in code anyplace or certain modules added to the site? I entered that snippet and it is not giving the message or disabling checkout. I am seeing garbage text/code at the top of the basket page, so it seems like it is trying. All my items have a weight assigned already. I enabled weight display in cart so I know I am under/over the limit. I set my limit to 110, as my items weigh 21# each, so they can buy 5 but not 6. Any ideas?
  7. I have reached out to them, seems that they are pretty overwhelmed like most of us with the turmoil from Covid and other World events. I noticed in this thread it was mentioned another way to limit things, but it was not clear if this was just a coding tweak or part of an add-on module? My high volume items are 21.4# each my other slow moving are 1#, I could easily set max order weight to 115# which leaves room for 5 primary items and lots of slower moving ones, but will not allow 6 primary items. But I m not sure where/how to do that?
  8. Like many in these Covid-19 days I am having a significant problem keeping items on my shelf so everyone can get some. While I have resisted doing it, I am at a point where I simply have to start limiting how much of each item a customer can purchase so that I am able to make sure all my customers are able to get something. I may only be able to get 15 of an item per month, but many of my customers typically buy 5-10 at a time as a normal purchase. Meaning two customers clean my inventory for the month out and no other customers get any. Sure everything is sold I made my $, but now I have
  9. This sounds like it may work for my with a similar situation. How has the solution been working for you? Where exactly are you using this code referenced above? Is it part of the Min Order Qty add-on that is altered?
  10. I should clarify, I do not use QB POS. I just use normal QB desktop. However my company file is hosted on a cloud (not quickbooks provided, it is private cloud service) so that I can access it remotely. I was hoping someone had already done integration before and it was just a matter of getting a module add-on that was already developed. Hrmm I wonder. this idea has some merit and might be worth trying short term. I really just use QB to handle taxes/payables etc, so this might work. the challenge will be tracking Paypal/cc fees against the books. I have been doing that
  11. I am hoping the guru's here can help. Current issue is inventory control/management and reducing repetitive data entry. This business started as a small side gig (still is as I have a fill time day job) and I ran it entirely on an advanced spreadsheet. Tabs for each stock order pulling inventory from previous order into new one, customer orders depleting stock, and sheet also calculating totals, etc. Cubecart ran (runs) parallel to this as my online portal. A great number of customers prefer ordering/paying online then picking up locally. This was complex and cumbersome keeping inven
  12. Interesting. I just edited my other item that I have options for and they also let me add and buy though there is 0 quantity. Now I am not sure what is going on. Single items with no options is working correctly. Any chance you could check the link I gave and see if the site lets you add the red handle to cart? Only plug-ins I have installed are: The two All-in-one shipping versions you helped me with Paypal Print Order form. I tried removing the add-ons and refreshed the site and it still lets me add to cart and start checkout.
  13. BSmither, The picture attached the bottom part is a live screenshot of the red option selected and allowing add to cart even though in the item detail (top half of image) it shows -1. I am able to add to cart with no error message. Yes it did allow purchase of the item as my customer lastnight placed an order when it had qty 0, which is why it now has Qty:-1 https://www.pelletpeddler.com/cps-handle.html I do not have allow out of stock selected, and verified by another item (no options) is out of stock and it does not allow adding to stock. https://www.pelletpeddler.com/
  14. A few items I carry I have setup options for in regards to color / txt on them. I have set them up as a single item with options and have use stock lvl selected for each option on the options page. I just had a situation were it let me sell an option that I do not have in stock. I have tried changing various settings in the item and just cannot get it to stop allowing sale of an option that is out of stock. What do I do so it does not do this in the future?
  15. Just wanted to make sure to update everyone. The changes KEAT recommended did what I needed. That combines with small change to the layout /verbiage of the cart page and shipping options have so far stopped the problem.
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