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  1. I should clarify, I do not use QB POS. I just use normal QB desktop. However my company file is hosted on a cloud (not quickbooks provided, it is private cloud service) so that I can access it remotely. I was hoping someone had already done integration before and it was just a matter of getting a module add-on that was already developed. Hrmm I wonder. this idea has some merit and might be worth trying short term. I really just use QB to handle taxes/payables etc, so this might work. the challenge will be tracking Paypal/cc fees against the books. I have been doing that transactionally so far.
  2. I am hoping the guru's here can help. Current issue is inventory control/management and reducing repetitive data entry. This business started as a small side gig (still is as I have a fill time day job) and I ran it entirely on an advanced spreadsheet. Tabs for each stock order pulling inventory from previous order into new one, customer orders depleting stock, and sheet also calculating totals, etc. Cubecart ran (runs) parallel to this as my online portal. A great number of customers prefer ordering/paying online then picking up locally. This was complex and cumbersome keeping inventories aligned, but it was manageable given my size and limited activity levels. The operation grew to the point I filed paperwork to form a business and I am now filing taxes, charging sales tax etc. That necessitated more detailed record keeping and I purchased Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2019. With the COVID-19 situation my business has spiked and the factory leadtimes have increased sevenfold, so I am struggling to keep a handle on inventory and sales. I am currently running with 2-3 stock orders out and pending at a time and not able to keep inventory in stock which has compounded the logistics of 3 inventories. I see about 50/50 in person vs online orders. Now I have 3 inventory's running and it has gotten unmanageable, as I have sales happening online, and over the phone/inperson and with low inventory it is creating overselling situations. Is there a way to have cubecart integrate or at least interface with Quickbooks desktop? I host my QB file on a cloud right now so I can access it remotely, hopefully that means it can be accessed and updated by cubecart and vice versa? Cubecart is just a POS portal for me I do not use it for more than making it easy for my customers to place an order, check inventory and see detailed product descriptions. No actual accounting or reporting for the business is done thru it. The spreadsheet is it's own problem child that I need to figure out. I have found it extremely useful when quoting customers, as I can access it anywhere I can get to a web browser. It is also built to help projecting and ordering inventory given the long leadtimes. Knowing I have X amount of product coming in 3 weeks lets me actually presell some of it if needed, and then I roll another tab for the next order and so on. I am hoping to roll this all into quickbooks long term. With that in mind, I see two linked yet separate needs: Being able to have quickbooks push inventory updates to cubecart when I enter an order recieve a purchase order. At the very least something I can run to have it update after I enter a change to inventory in quickbooks. This is by far my #1 need, just so that I do not end up in a situation were someone buys something in-person, then someone online buys it and I am out of stock. Cubecart pushing sales order information to quickbooks. This is more a data entry saving measure, but also helps stop overselling for me if someone buys something online.
  3. Interesting. I just edited my other item that I have options for and they also let me add and buy though there is 0 quantity. Now I am not sure what is going on. Single items with no options is working correctly. Any chance you could check the link I gave and see if the site lets you add the red handle to cart? Only plug-ins I have installed are: The two All-in-one shipping versions you helped me with Paypal Print Order form. I tried removing the add-ons and refreshed the site and it still lets me add to cart and start checkout.
  4. BSmither, The picture attached the bottom part is a live screenshot of the red option selected and allowing add to cart even though in the item detail (top half of image) it shows -1. I am able to add to cart with no error message. Yes it did allow purchase of the item as my customer lastnight placed an order when it had qty 0, which is why it now has Qty:-1 https://www.pelletpeddler.com/cps-handle.html I do not have allow out of stock selected, and verified by another item (no options) is out of stock and it does not allow adding to stock. https://www.pelletpeddler.com/lumberjack-alder-100.html To me it just seems like the site is ignoring the quantities on the options tab for the item. I am hoping it is a simple fix, if not I may have to split it into 4 items to make sure it works properly.
  5. A few items I carry I have setup options for in regards to color / txt on them. I have set them up as a single item with options and have use stock lvl selected for each option on the options page. I just had a situation were it let me sell an option that I do not have in stock. I have tried changing various settings in the item and just cannot get it to stop allowing sale of an option that is out of stock. What do I do so it does not do this in the future?
  6. Just wanted to make sure to update everyone. The changes KEAT recommended did what I needed. That combines with small change to the layout /verbiage of the cart page and shipping options have so far stopped the problem.
  7. Huge thanks Again BSmither! Took some tinkering (total newby in regards to this sort of editing) to get it to look how I wanted but It got it! This should cut down on confusion by my customers, and the unwanted"pending" orders that have been getting created.
  8. So far so good, I made the changes above in your 1st response and they worked great. What do I need to do to make 2 instances of the Store collection module? I have always installed add-ons using the Token method. Do I just copy one file and edit, or do I need to install store collection 2x?
  9. BSmither, man you rock as always. I will try these tweaks tonight. Greatly appreciate your effort and help on this! I know I have a pretty unique business model compared to the typical user.
  10. As a continuing effort to help stop confusion by customers and undesired orders, I am hoping to tweak the lower section of my shopping cart a bit, but I have been unable to find where to make my edits. Goal is to make it look like the larger picture attached. I am using E-tone Skin and Cubecart 6.2.2 I am a physical location only business. Due to weight of product I do not ship anything. I had the option for a few years and never sold anything due to the cost. Right now I would like to transition and use the shipping feature (All-in-one shipping) to let my customers choose which of my 2 locations they want to pickup at. As part of that I would like the change the header above the shipping selection to show pickup only (similar to edited picture with LOCAL ONLY replacing the strike-out text). However I have been unable to find the text in the php files? Can someone point me where I need to go? Right now the button layout is like the "currentcart" image below. The empty cart, update and Secure checkout are all ontop of each other. I would like to separate them a bit and add text above the secure checkout button like the edited picture.
  11. Thanks Bsmither! I will check that out and see how it works.
  12. It actually makes sense to be able to do that if you run a physical storefront like I and others do, I do no shipping of product at all. Customers pay by cc in advance or cash on pickup, just because an order is not paid for when placed does not mean it is not an order and should not be processing. I have limited stock and even with constant monitoring and pre-ordering thru forecasts I can run out of product. My customers want to be able to go on the website any time they feel like, check availability and place an order which reserves product onhand, this sort of ordering is over 95% of my online business. That is how I use that form since the cubecart software has no other way to handle cash direct sales through a storefront. (That I have seen, correct me if i am wrong) The complication is when I have people window shopping online that place items in the cart and click to see payment options with no intention of actually ordering, right now that places a pending order in the system. I then have to open and go thru each one of them to see if they went all the way thru and selected POF as well as contact them all. It used to be rare, but lately has increased to a point it is wasting my time looking thru orders and contacting these people and taking away from helping my actual customers. I was hoping to not have the "order" placed at all until after payment was "committed to" (IE elected POF form or "CC" and click submit), but it sounds like that is a major undertaking. Tweaking the POF would be a nice middle ground option. I agree with you that and I do not think the POF should be set so that it defaults to pushing and order to processing, but it would be very nice if it was added as an option (similar to if it sends an email as per earlier link) or there was a way to program it to do so.
  13. Hrmm, interesting idea. I am using the print order form payment gateway. If that could be made to set the order to processing then I could switch to email when it goes to processing the concern then is that I have pending orders sitting there every time I log in which is what I am trying to avoid. At the same time I do not want to dump a ton of time into custom coding that might get broken in the next update.
  14. It is possible to have the site not create an order in the system until after the payment type is selected? My site is an online face for my physical store that is a side business for me, I do not do shipping. It is a convenient way for my customers to see what I have in stock and buy/reserve it. Since I do in-person product exchange, I have two payment options on my site: Cash on pickup and paypal. I have had a number of people go into my site, get a cart created then for whatever reason back out and not select a payment type and complete the order. However the system is generating an order on my side and sending emails out that the order is submitted. Then I end up having to contact these people not knowing if they want place an order or not. Is there some way to make it not create the order until the person has selected payment type and hits submit? Honestly a cart is not an order until the buyer has agreed to payment, so not sure why it is doing it so early in the process to begin with.
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