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  1. Thanks @bsmither.  I think this would work for starters.  Would there be a way to let them know that their registration is under review so they didn't try to keep registering or know why they couldn't log in?  Also, do you know of a good mod for adding additional fields to the registration?  I have a need to get a tax ID from them prior to registering them.

    This reply you provided seems to have what I need for restricting the registrations, is there a way to pick up this mod for V6?

    This seems to cover what I need:

    - Limit registration until I receive all the details required for a wholesale customer

    - email new customer or post an error message letting them know that their registration is under review

    - Add new fields to registration page to collect the required information.

  2. Is there a way to hold a customer registration until someone reviews?  

    I have a need to get some additional information from a new customer prior to the customer being able to view the pricing on the site.  I know I can limit the ability to see pricing until someone registers, but I don't want them to just select the register link and then immediately be able to login and see pricing.  I want to review the registration and collect additional information before that happens.


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