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  1. Very good! Persistence and help from bsmither works every time.
  2. QUITE sufficient. bsmither's reply (above) should be the clincher.
  3. You gotta ACTUALLY have an account. The (temp) password will be included in the "welcome" email you get when you register. Are you (or are you representing) a Firstdata merchant?
  4. You must first be a FirstData client(process purchases through them). You need to establish an account with FirstData then you can log in to access https://firstdataclientsgge4.zendesk.com/entries/23543916-CubeCart-Integration-Instructions I think
  5. SORRY: I am no longer a user of that account and I cannot find a way to log back in.
  6. Sheesh- I can't continue testing as the csrf occurs on the second save so I can't moniter a change
  7. OK done on several pages and last entry in params changes on all pages I tried. But CSRF occurring is confusing the issue BTW the windows ie solution has failed and csrf is BACK there with a vengence
  8. I have printed out your (detailed) instructions above and am (slowly) plowing through them. I'll report when (if) I complete your instructions. I did the 1st run at showing the waterfall in firefox cause I could follow your earlier instructions. I'll continue with ff and if we achieve success I'll use ff in future cubecart admin functions.
  9. Will do - BUT Just as an aside, I'm now on windows 10 (which I NEVER use) and using Internet Explorer which I thought I hated, but I CAN'T get it to give me the CSRF warning no matter that I have made 8 or 10 changes and saved. HMMMM???? I use Linux mint 17.3 and chromium and that's where I have had the problems
  10. Got the waterfall - what to look at? attached
  11. Got attached (at bottom of page) Using Firefox Leaving now. Back in a couple of hours.
  12. Good to hear from you again. "To start, use your browser's diagnostics to view the traffic waterfall." How do I do this?
  13. I am getting THAT CSRF thingee after 2 or 3 saves, additions, etc. I can only get out of it if I signout, close the browser, open a new browser, and sign in. Then after a save(etc) or 2 it happens again. I found a post that said to update to newest ver if not already there. I did so and NO help. Please help me.
  14. Issue overcome by changing consideration - images are too small when displayed in a 2 col table . So I have to show them in 1 col, negating the need to use a table. But thank you bsmither for your typical willingness to assist.
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