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  1. So, the UPS_contract module stores it error logs in the module window. There is nothing in the request.log for UPS Contract. However I added the standard UPS module and noticed in the request.log that it calls http://ups.com/xxxxx Maybe we can try temporarily patching up http://ups to be forced as https://ups until the developer takes a look and patches it up.
  2. Unfortunately that wasn't the issue. Its probably something to do with the url change.
  3. Just checked shipping.class.php and admin, its all encoded gibberish. Will have to wait for the Noodleman to respond since the url change at UPS seems to causing this issue. I am surprised that others have not reported this yet.
  4. Hello BSmither, Happy New Year ! I see the following .. Registered Stream Socket Transports tcp, udp, unix, udg, ssl, sslv3, sslv2, tls, tlsv1.0, tlsv1.1, tlsv1.2 I wonder if the module is using TLS to make the calls explicitly?? We use UPS Contract. For now due to this issue, we are dead in the water since the cart does not let checkout without proper shipping rates. Here is the response from UPS ... UPS has upgraded the communication security protocols for all web-based applications, including UPS Developer Kit, UPS.com, CampusShip, and etcetera. Please contact your company's IT department or development team to ensure that any security protocols currently used meet the TLS 1.2 requirement. If Java is enabled, it must be version 1.7 or higher to use TLS 1.2. As of December 31, 2017, all API URLs, including old API URLs starting with www.ups.com/ups.app/xml/ or https://www.ups.com/webservices/, have been transitioned over to ignore any traffic using TLS 1.0. If you are using any API URLs starting with www.ups.com/ups.app/xml/ or https://www.ups.com/webservices/, please update them to the currently supported URLs noted in their respective Developer Guides. They start with https://www.onlinetools.com. Please note that our CIE Environment will only accept TLS 1.2 requests since it was transitioned over back in February 2017.
  5. Just called UPS and they said as of today if the website is not using TLS 1.1 or 1.2 they are rejecting 75% of legacy tools. Any pointers on this TLS 1.1 or 1.2 ???
  6. Actually its very intermittent and shows one rate at a time or shows error everytime we reload the screen. This prevents the customer from being able to checkout.
  7. Folks, Anyone having issues since Jan 1 with the UPS Contract module? It doesnt seem to be fetching any rates, I get the big red error box which states no suitable shipping methods found.
  8. Claudia, If you have any issues with that module, will be happy to help. There are a couple of steps such as you would need a UPS contract account, API key etc. Otherwise its very straight-forward, you will notice a tab shows on the Products page, here you can describe how many boxes, dimensions etc. We have products that are 50lbs as well as 300lbs, this module has so far calculated the shipping costs 100% accurately.
  9. Has anyone tried IP address GeoLocation and then pickup the location / zipcode? Its an approximation but this way the cart will not always default to the store zipcode.
  10. The UPS Multiship module works perfect for dimensional weight and multiple packages per shipment.
  11. Managed to get this both fixed. For Advanced Search I had to make the size <medium> under box.search.php
  12. BSmither et-all, You may have pointed me in this direction before but I lost some of the custom formatting after upgrading the site today. How can I increase the font size of "Advanced Search" (its very very tiny) and the size of the basket icon. Thanks.
  13. I just "unchecked" that snippet and saved. The problem went away. I can go ahead and just delete it.
  14. Its fixed now. This was the code snippet that was causing it.
  15. Ah, Bsmither, I should have waited for your wonderful insight as usual before I upgraded a customized site. There was a file with snippet_ and that gibberish code was inside it. Should I just delete it? Deleting or renaming that snippet was a lost cause. It got created again.
  16. Will do now. I just upgraded to the latest version 6.1.12 and it still displays the gibberish on those 2 pages when the items are in the basket.
  17. Thats correct. All it says is that "Your basket is empty". (like normal) and the gibberish on the top doesnt appear once the basket is empty. The gibberish line only appears when there is an item in the basket. It doesnt appear when the basket is empty. I went and noticed further that the bad code did not appear when on the payment "gateway" page. Its appear on index.php?_a=basket and index.php?_a=confirm when there is items in the basket.
  18. Bsmither, When the cart is empty, the gibberish on the top line doesnt appear.
  19. Hello BSmither, It shows up right on the 1st line of the <body> its almost like a variable=$0 with the variable being gibberish
  20. So, I went into the vanilla skin. Here is what I found in the browser debug mode.... "�f�z+u��j[��H�����j�[j���-jY����z�ږ��,�@-(.�ǭ���*+�&amp;������i�^��k�Ǭ���z�.�׫Q)����z�ږ珕��y�]jx�zkhʋ�m�$z�h��y�F,�@-+&amp;j�rj�"�p�HK!���LL�m��" = $0 One more image ....
  21. So, I went ahead and renamed the skins/template folder and reuploaded the templates folder all over again. So its a brand new templates folder. The same gibberish (same content) shows up on the top of the basket and checkout when products are in it. I recently had to update all my admin files for 6.1.4. Any chance this is db related issue where something is corrupted?
  22. I just noticed, you had said "writeable files". Can you please point me in the direction for writeable files for checkout/basket?
  23. Al, I just checked the source files and didnt notice any files being changed or modified. This only happens on the basket page as well as checkout page. Its not on other pages.
  24. I also notice this gibberish is at the top of the page when there are products int he basket. When the cart is emptied, the gibberish is not seen.
  25. I noticed it this morning. On the checkout page as well as basket I see a line of gibberish all the way at the top. Not sure why and where this is coming from. I did a view source and this gibberish is ahead of the 1st line of the code. �f�z+u��j[��H�����j�[j���-jY����z�ږ��,�@-(.�ǭ���*+�&������i�^��k�Ǭ���z�.�׫Q)����z�ږ珕��y�]jx�zkhʋ�m�$z�h��y�F,�@-+&j�rj�"�p�HK!���LL�m�� <!DOCTYPE html> I went into maintenance, cleared all cache etc into sql cache. Not sure where this gibberish is generated from but it does not show up on the product pages.
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