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  1. Ian, The plugin works great. I entered an order with multiple items and it automatically provided the shipping rates which was great. I tried a line item (non-product) to give a credit balance from a previous order. It didnt work out great. The totals were correct but the field behaved erratic. Question .. how does the customer go and look at the order? login and check? because no emails go out for orders in a pending state. I went ahead and saved it as order received, and the customer received an email. We also provided the customer a % discount and all of the totals looked p
  2. Nice functionality and something we can use. Does it automatically calculate the shipping costs based on the combined product weights and call the store shipping module to provide us the UPS Ground or Expedited for Intl rates? Also another feature that we were looking at is a line for providing store credit from a previous order or apply a credit balance to a current order.
  3. So, I was surprised to receive a confirmation email just now from the system, It says on the top "STORE LOGO" in a nice font and big. This is new to me. So, I went ahead and uploaded our eps file from the design and now it overpowers and covers half the page in an odd way. Any input on the size of or length x width of this logo file? Can we do this as a banner? Thanks.
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