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  1. Ian, The plugin works great. I entered an order with multiple items and it automatically provided the shipping rates which was great. I tried a line item (non-product) to give a credit balance from a previous order. It didnt work out great. The totals were correct but the field behaved erratic. Question .. how does the customer go and look at the order? login and check? because no emails go out for orders in a pending state. I went ahead and saved it as order received, and the customer received an email. We also provided the customer a % discount and all of the totals looked perfect in the email. When the user clicked on the link to the order, everything shows up but the discount did not display, however the totals were correct. When the Print Order is clicked, the Print Order form looks perfect including the discount. Will purchase the module now. Does a pretty good job. Thanks BSmither for pointing this out.
  2. Nice functionality and something we can use. Does it automatically calculate the shipping costs based on the combined product weights and call the store shipping module to provide us the UPS Ground or Expedited for Intl rates? Also another feature that we were looking at is a line for providing store credit from a previous order or apply a credit balance to a current order.
  3. Al, A dumb question and probably its obvious. How do we upgrade from Manage Extensions for this module?
  4. Here it is attached. gateway.class.php.zip
  5. Hello Al, I have implemented those mods. Let me know how to send it? Just attach it here? or email it to the support email for cube cart?
  6. BSmither, I get the same issue. I have enabled the Fraud Detection Suite with Authorize.net. I just noticed that I can change the Customer Response Text. However .... the issue with my customers is not the text which says "Your order has been received ......" Its the statement "the following errors were detected" as well as the "RED" background. This is not from AIM. How can we fix this in CC? The merchant gets a separate email from Authorize.net if the transaction is held for merchant approval. The red banner and error text causes my users to submit the order a few times because the error line text is misleading.
  7. Thanks bsmither. I was on 1.0.0. I did a in-place update to 1.1.2. Hopefully this didnt break anything. Looks good on the front end control panel.
  8. We recently turned on additional fraud detection parameters within Authorize.net. If the AVS etc doesnt match, there is a manual approval process within Authorize.net that happens before the transaction goes to settlement. when this happens the code sent back to CC by AIM is 4|1|253. The users get a response like the attached screenshot. This is very confusing with the "Red" background and the users end up trying couple of times. The normal approval code is 1|1|1. Obviously CC displays this "Your order has been received statement". Any chance this scenario can be handled in a user friendly way. A 2|1|2 is Card declined and thats fine, however this 4|1|253 should accept the order and move it to pending state. Also the text is sent by AIM but CC sees it as a error with the text and background being counter intuitive.
  9. I actually like BSmither;s option. If an email comes from your site then it needs to be your store email. If for convenience sake, we need the reply address to be the customer's, then its understandable. Ideally, we should have the original email sent to the customer to be "cc'd" to the admin. This way a "reply-all" would cover it.
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