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  1. BSmither et-all, You may have pointed me in this direction before but I lost some of the custom formatting after upgrading the site today. How can I increase the font size of "Advanced Search" (its very very tiny) and the size of the basket icon. Thanks.
  2. I just "unchecked" that snippet and saved. The problem went away. I can go ahead and just delete it.
  3. Its fixed now. This was the code snippet that was causing it.
  4. Ah, Bsmither, I should have waited for your wonderful insight as usual before I upgraded a customized site. There was a file with snippet_ and that gibberish code was inside it. Should I just delete it? Deleting or renaming that snippet was a lost cause. It got created again.
  5. Will do now. I just upgraded to the latest version 6.1.12 and it still displays the gibberish on those 2 pages when the items are in the basket.
  6. Thats correct. All it says is that "Your basket is empty". (like normal) and the gibberish on the top doesnt appear once the basket is empty. The gibberish line only appears when there is an item in the basket. It doesnt appear when the basket is empty. I went and noticed further that the bad code did not appear when on the payment "gateway" page. Its appear on index.php?_a=basket and index.php?_a=confirm when there is items in the basket.
  7. Bsmither, When the cart is empty, the gibberish on the top line doesnt appear.
  8. Hello BSmither, It shows up right on the 1st line of the <body> its almost like a variable=$0 with the variable being gibberish
  9. So, I went into the vanilla skin. Here is what I found in the browser debug mode.... "�f�z+u��j[��H�����j�[j���-jY����z�ږ��,�@-(.�ǭ���*+�&amp;������i�^��k�Ǭ���z�.�׫Q)����z�ږ珕��y�]jx�zkhʋ�m�$z�h��y�F,�@-+&amp;j�rj�"�p�HK!���LL�m��" = $0 One more image ....
  10. So, I went ahead and renamed the skins/template folder and reuploaded the templates folder all over again. So its a brand new templates folder. The same gibberish (same content) shows up on the top of the basket and checkout when products are in it. I recently had to update all my admin files for 6.1.4. Any chance this is db related issue where something is corrupted?
  11. I just noticed, you had said "writeable files". Can you please point me in the direction for writeable files for checkout/basket?
  12. Al, I just checked the source files and didnt notice any files being changed or modified. This only happens on the basket page as well as checkout page. Its not on other pages.
  13. I also notice this gibberish is at the top of the page when there are products int he basket. When the cart is emptied, the gibberish is not seen.
  14. I noticed it this morning. On the checkout page as well as basket I see a line of gibberish all the way at the top. Not sure why and where this is coming from. I did a view source and this gibberish is ahead of the 1st line of the code. �f�z+u��j[��H�����j�[j���-jY����z�ږ��,�@-(.�ǭ���*+�&������i�^��k�Ǭ���z�.�׫Q)����z�ږ珕��y�]jx�zkhʋ�m�$z�h��y�F,�@-+&j�rj�"�p�HK!���LL�m�� <!DOCTYPE html> I went into maintenance, cleared all cache etc into sql cache. Not sure where this gibberish is generated from but it does not show up on the product pages.
  15. jka


    Thanks to BSmither, we found the issue with the Admin module. Went ahead and re-uploaded the admin files. Seems like the upgrade via the admin front end didnt fully update the admin files.
  16. jka


    So I added GLOBALS['debug']->debugMessage('The HOOK_TAB '.' '.$GLOBALS['hook_tab_content'].'.'); under products.index.inc.php This is the result .. It just returns Array Debug Messages:[0] The HOOK_TAB Array.
  17. jka


    Hello BSmither, There is nothing in the error_log. 'We' refers to the developers at SFWS.
  18. jka


    BSmither et-all, We are trying to trouble-shoot a newly added plugin. We verified ... 1. the plugin is enabled 2. the hooks are enabled. 3. the db table also show the hooks_name set to '1' However the hooks functionality is not working. Any guidance to debug the hook whether it is loading and add debug messages? This is in the admin/product screen. Thanks.
  19. They (SFWS) have been wonderful with helping troubleshoot the issue. Thanks.
  20. Al, A dumb question and probably its obvious. How do we upgrade from Manage Extensions for this module?
  21. Here it is attached. gateway.class.php.zip
  22. Hello Al, I have implemented those mods. Let me know how to send it? Just attach it here? or email it to the support email for cube cart?
  23. Folks, Has anyone installed the SFWS Additional Fields Per Product Plugin? I bought this plugin last weekend and have done everything according to their instructions. (such as enable hooks etc). I am not able to see the extra tab to configure on the Admin/Product screen. After buying the plugin, I notice that it says "No Warranty" for the plugin in the instructions that came with it and not while buying it. Any help with how hooks work will be appreciated or how to t-shoot and see if the plugin is every working. Thanks.
  24. BSmither, I get the same issue. I have enabled the Fraud Detection Suite with Authorize.net. I just noticed that I can change the Customer Response Text. However .... the issue with my customers is not the text which says "Your order has been received ......" Its the statement "the following errors were detected" as well as the "RED" background. This is not from AIM. How can we fix this in CC? The merchant gets a separate email from Authorize.net if the transaction is held for merchant approval. The red banner and error text causes my users to submit the order a few times because the error line text is misleading.
  25. Thanks bsmither. I was on 1.0.0. I did a in-place update to 1.1.2. Hopefully this didnt break anything. Looks good on the front end control panel.
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