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  1. Hello bsmither, I knew you would come to the rescue. I use the following shipping modules and the combination work perfectly for us ... Noodleman's Link Products To Specific Shipping Services Noodlemans UPS Advanced Shipping Plugin UPS Delivery Free Shipping The orders have a ship method or we also offer free shipping. Here is a screenshot of the Delivery Tab under the order. The Shipping Method and Shipping Product were actually populated by the system when the order was placed. I added the Shipping Date. However they dont display in the Order details.
  2. So, I did some checking. Everything is in the content.receipt.php. Its checking for "if $Delivery" I have the Dispatch Date populated etc. However nothing shows up. What is the condition for $Delivery?? How is this flag set or how is this condition checked? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I will poke around & see where the ?vieworder code is located.
  4. Any guidance on how to add "Ship Date" to vieworder summary and details page? This will be nice and as part of the page.
  5. I can actually use the "Dispatch Date" field in the Order details. I would to call it "Estimated Ship Date" and display it when the customer checks his order status. Any help on which .php I would need to modify to add and display this field? Thanks.
  6. Thats not the most ideal way. It would be nice to add a line next to the "Order Status" line on the page which show the estimated ship date. Any ways to add a custom field in the db or use a existing one and display it on the order status page?
  7. Folks, Any idea on how to add a Estimated Ship Date to the orders while it says "Processing". Thanks.
  8. Hello bsmither, Any nibbles? Its a drag when you have 30 orders on your dashboard but cant see the product details unless you open each one of them. Would be great to have something.
  9. I got past that issue now. However the default version installed by the system is .. ubeCart Version 5.2.16 PHP Version 5.6.20 MySQL Version 5.1.73 When I go the Maintanance tab and click Upgrade it says the version is current. Not sure how to upgrade. I cant find the Foundation Skin either in the layout.
  10. I need to create a new site with cubecart but on the same hosted server for a total different company and products. (FYI, we have an existing site running) How do I go about it? Should I create a new instance in Plesk? or ... Thanks.
  11. Got it. I see that. But was wondering if we can have a listing based on Product Id in the Unsettled Orders. This way we can get a snapshot on the product orders. (ours is a made to order shop)
  12. Hello BSmither, I am just trying to get a snapshot on the pending orders on the Dashboard. It shows the order number but a product Id listing would be great. FYI, I don't see an edit button on the dashboard.
  13. Is there an extension or modification available for us to get a bit more information on the un-settled orders? For example it would be nice to drill down or see the details of the order such as Product Id, QTY etc. Thanks.
  14. I actually like BSmither;s option. If an email comes from your site then it needs to be your store email. If for convenience sake, we need the reply address to be the customer's, then its understandable. Ideally, we should have the original email sent to the customer to be "cc'd" to the admin. This way a "reply-all" would cover it.
  15. Any chance, we can stop or pause the "order complete" emails?
  16. We dont use the stock level or display the matrix etc. There are times when a product is in Production and during such times we "uncheck" not available for purchase in the product menu. This displays "Unavailable" on the product listing. We would like to change this to read "Currently in Production or Available in a few weeks to order". Where do we set this ? Thanks.
  17. Getting Shipping Estimates before user login or checkout. It does default to United States during Checkout or enter Billing/shipping address.
  18. Any guidance on the Country drop-down? to match the default country?
  19. Now that STATE displays properly for all countries, I am wondering if there is a broader "STATE" list for all countries in world. Atleast the major ones. like Japan, Italy etc.. Also is there a possibility to Default in the Country drop down list to start with USA, UK, etc and then the whole list of rest of the world? Thanks.
  20. I just emptied the cache and now I am able to see hash.json.states.cache The contents are a:2:{s:4:"time";i:1486315684;s:6:"expire";i:86400;} -- CubeCart Cache Split -- b:0; I also checked United States is in the list under Countries/Zones Ok. I think I found the problem. I noticed that some of the Zones had strange characters in their label. For example Zurich has a ? as Z?rich. There were a total of 6 zones that had these characters. Once I fixed them, I cleared cache and now everything appears ok including a drop down list for state. Looks like some db glitch or otherwise might have caused it. Thanks as always BSmither for pointing in the right direction.
  21. Got it and found this ... error <script type="text/javascript"> var county_list = ; Unexpected token ';' </script>
  22. Hello Bsmither, <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 large-8 columns"><label for="addr_postcode" class="show-for-medium-up">Zip Code</label><input type="text" name="billing[postcode]" id="addr_postcode" class="uppercase required" value="" placeholder="Zip Code (Required)" autocomplete="postal-code"></div> </div> <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 large-8 columns"><label for="country-list" class="show-for-medium-up">Country</label> <select name="billing[country]" class="nosubmit" rel="state-list" id="country-list" autocomplete="country-name"> <option value="004" >Afghanistan</option> <option value="008" >Albania</option> <option value="012" >Algeria</option> <option value="016" >American Samoa</option> ............... </select> </div> </div> <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 large-8 columns"><label for="state-list" class="show-for-medium-up">State</label><input type="text" name="billing[state]" id="state-list" required value="" autocomplete="address-line1"></div> </div> </div> </address>
  23. So, the experience in the Admin Panel is the same on the store front. For the Billing Address, the value that it accepts for State is "12" or "California". It does not accept "CA" as a value. Not sure how after the upgrade the State became a numeric value for user entry.
  24. Will check that now. Also I was looking under the languages for US English. I found the error message at the top of this thread is for "check_state". This means check_state fails for abbreviation entry. OK. You were correct and always. The administrator language was set to UK English and its fixed now. However I still see the State as "14" and not the abbreviation.
  25. Hello BSmither, Here is a screenshot of the admin screen. I also checked on the store front and its US English. I do see a dropdown for the Country as a list but when US is selected, there is no drop down list for State.
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