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  1. I found this code at the end of content.addressbook.php <script type="text/javascript"> var county_list = {$VAL_JSON_STATE} </script>
  2. I noticed this in "Store Settings" after upgrade from 6.0.11 to 6.1.4., the field for State is labeled as County and it would only accept a value of 14 (CT). I just got feedback from a customer, that he had issues trying to fill out the address on the checkout page. The site was asking him for County name and wouldnt accept MA for state. He then typed it in fully and then it was tripping on "Country" needed. Any idea how I can get this "county" vs "State" issue resolved? Any others experience the same issue after upgrade? Thanks. I just tried to recreate this issue. I was able to do it when the user tries to create an account. This is ok when the create account was unchecked. Happens during create account. The following errors were detected: We seem to have a problem with your address ("Default Billing Address"). Please check the value for "County" before proceeding.
  3. I think you are right. I need to see how to fix this issue if the customer enters a different country or state. See my log above. It uses an American zip code for a country = AU which is Australia. Once a different country or state is selected, the default needs to get overridden. This is not happening if the zip code is blank but the country is different. Definitely Cubecart behavior.
  4. Hello Noodleman, I think its a combination of both. (CC design and your modules). So, your "Link Products to Specific Shipping Charges" gives the ability to Calculate Shipping on the View Cart Page. This is awesome. It gives a customer to get shipping rates without having to register etc. (Our UPS shipping rates goes in the $100's of dollars for some items to different parts of the world). So, the customer (not registered) enters the Country and State from drop-down while not necessarily entering the Zipcode. Its during this time, the extension or code automatically absorbs the default zip code from CC. The easy fix is to set this default zip code to "". Currently it pulls up the Store's Zipcode. Make sense?
  5. We use the UPS Contract, Calculate UPS Shipping Charges based on multiple packages, Link products to specific shipping charges etc. Everything works perfectly. 2017-01-31 14:41:50 UPS 3 Day Select RDP UNK US 06804 AU 06804 x x IN 111210 The requested service is unavailable between the selected locations. I noticed in the logs that the default "Shippers Zipcode" is used for the Customer Zipcode, if the customer does not enter one. See example above Any chance we can fix it in the cubecart code or should I contact Noodleman.
  6. I think we found the issue. This has to do with Store Settings. Under General, you can enter the Address, Country and then a field labeled as "County". After the upgrade this field had a numeric value of 14. So, we thought this was UK vs US labeling issue and put in "CT" under that field. The system doesnt like it. The UPS cdule error log was displaying "The requested service is unavailable between the selected locations." I went ahead and changed this "County" value to 14 and its back working again. Is this one of those updated values from 6.0.11 to 6.1.14? Its confusing a bit.
  7. This used to work in ver 6.0.11 properly. We use Noodlemans "link product to shipping services". In the View Cart, customers can select the drop dow for their country, zipcode and get shipping costs. We are now on 6.1.14. The same action, now it refreshes the page and says "Shipping Address Updated". However it does not make any call to the modules or get rates or display them. Anything different or changed in 6.1.14? I just tried again after login as a user and the system says "No Shipping Methods Available". Not sure what changed & I dont see anything in the transaction logs either. No calls made by the UPS Contract module.
  8. Thanks. I have uploaded a 550px logo file now. Any chance, how we can test the email templates? Also I cant seem to find the Invoice templates.
  9. So, I was surprised to receive a confirmation email just now from the system, It says on the top "STORE LOGO" in a nice font and big. This is new to me. So, I went ahead and uploaded our eps file from the design and now it overpowers and covers half the page in an odd way. Any input on the size of or length x width of this logo file? Can we do this as a banner? Thanks.
  10. Thanks, thanks & thanks. Everything worked perfectly.
  11. Thanks a lot. That color is less shiny on the eyes. However the Privacy Policy and T&C link on the Footer use the same color and they kind of dulled out in the black. I couldnt find how to change the color. It will be nice to make it white like the rest. Also trying to figure how to increase the font size of box-session. The login/register is very tiny along with the flag and currency. Otherwise, this has been awesome to upgrade.
  12. I actually swapped out the "Buy" button to "More Info". Still looking for ways to increase the font size a bit as well the cart size on the top.
  13. Took a leap of faith and upgraded from 6.0.11 to 6.1.4. Everything went through like clockwork. No issues with the upgrade. KUDOS to the Cubecart folks for a flawless upgrade process. I did the upgrade via the admin interface. Questions to those who have done this in the past with the foundation skin .. 1. In the product page, we want to change the button from "BUY" to "SELECT". Forgot how I did it before. 2. The font size on the headers as well as the basket icon is too small. My avg customers would have trouble with overall font size. Any pointers where this can be changed. 3. The light blue color used everywhere is too light. Would like to make it a tinge darker. Otherwise, love the upgrade and everything "so far" looks like they were 1 hr back before the upgrade. Thanks in advance.
  14. Should have waited for your response. I went ahead and updated the cubecart.class. So far it seems to be working ok. I will probably go and find the file from 6.0.11 and upload it again.
  15. Wow. That will be a lot of work. We didnt document all the mods we did either. I was looking at the 6.1.4 security upgrade. If we just overwrite the cubecart.class in 6.0.11, will we be ok?
  16. If I upgrade from 6.0.11 to 6.1.4, will we loose the customizations done to some of the php files?
  17. Ok. I found the issue. I was testing the feature while logged in as a user and hence it was not displaying it. I removed the "if $TERMS_CONDITIONS" and it works & displays perfectly. It seems like there is a flag somewhere for a registered user that it completely ignores displaying it. Removing the "if" fixed it. I also disabled (commented out) the "if T&C" on the content.checkout.confirm page and now by default, the T&C checkbox and link shows up at the bottom of the screen right above the Secure Checkout link. Now for every purchase, the buyer will accept the T&C and this will make the credit card companies happy. The only remaining issue is to change the color of the hyperlink for T&C and make the font a bit bigger. Thanks a lot bsmither for your help.
  18. I did all of the above and still cant get the "T&C" to display. I use the Foundation skin. Not sure if its got anything to do with it.
  19. Thanks BSmither. That didnt work. Even though the customer agrees to the T&C at registration, the credit card companies like Amex etc wants to force the T&C for every purchase. Any chance that we can put this "T&C" line, right before the secure checkout button? It would be even better if we can add this "T&C" line on the credit card page.
  20. Ok. Here is the other issue. I see the "Terms & Conditions" checkbox show up when a user is not registered during checkout. However when a user logs in and then does a checkout, the terms and conditions dont show up. How do we force or change the "Accept Terms & Conditions" as the last mandatory step before purchase or checkout. Some kind of validation to accept T&C or no purchase.
  21. You are the best. I just modified the content.checkout.php and it cleaned it up perfectly. The checkout page and view cart looks clean now. Thanks.
  22. We use the Foundation skin. Any chance we can disable "Customers who bought this also bought..." Right now it has a large font and it displays awkwardly between "Update Cart" & "Secure Checkout" buttons. How does we disable this feature. Thanks.
  23. I just went and clicked all the radio buttons again under "documents". It looks like the default translation was UK English and hence it was not showing. Now the radio button is selected. It works now. There is also a column called "Home Page" in the documents tab. Not sure what this does ..
  24. This is the code I found, but it does not display on the checkout_confirm page. {if $TERMS_CONDITIONS} <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 large-8 columns"><span id="error_terms_agree"><input type="checkbox" id="reg_terms" name="terms_agree" value="1" {$TERMS_CONDITIONS_CHECKED} rel="error_terms_agree"><label for="reg_terms">{$LANG.account.register_terms_agree_link|replace:'%s':{$TERMS_CONDITIONS}}</label></span></div> </div> {/if}
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