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  1. Its actually the UPS Error log in the UPS Rates Module. It throws an error every time a call is made to UPS. If one of the methods is not available, it will give an error. (which is common) For example, an UPS-Expedited call is only for International and it will throw an error for UPS Domestic and vice-versa. So for every UPS rates call, there will be a line of error depending on International or Domestic. All of the rates works properly at checkout when the address & zip /State is filled out. Regards, Ken
  2. BSmither, Any nibbles on why the Shipping call does not bring back UPS rates, whereas in checkout it clearly does. In fact I only have UPS as a shipping mode. Such a great feature & will awesome if it works without Login.
  3. Thanks BSmither. I managed to get the Cart Image bigger 2x & even tried 3X. Nice. But the Amount still stays tiny. Not sure where to look to make it also 2X.
  4. I have almost buttoned up the look and feel of the Foundation skin such as Form etc etc. Most of the changes happens in foundation.css. Here is where I would like some guidance. 1. The cart image on the top is way too small. How many make it bigger? 2. I have attached a screenshot of the checkout form. It looks way to the left. How can I bring the form to the center but still left-justified. 3. Need to Pop-up Terms and Condition, Copyright etc instead of opening in new tab. Attachment enclosed.
  5. I added USPS and I can see entries in request log now. But we don't use USPS at all since our shipping weights and boxes are large.
  6. There is noting in the request log. But I know that it is doing nothing because, under the UPS module logs, there is no activity. This means that Estimated Shipping after punching in country/Zip is doing nothing.
  7. I did an in-place upgrade to the latest version 6.x version this evening. All my pervious data and mods were 100% intact. Great. I was trying to explore the Foundation Skin which looks awesome. What caught my eye was the "Shipping (Estimated)" in the Shopping Basket. When I populate the Country, State, Zip, the estimated UPS shipping doesnt show up. (without login) Is there a setting or checkbox that I am missing? I think this feature in the shopping basket is nifty. Thanks.
  8. Just a quick update. The developer of the UPS MultiShip extension did some code updates in the last 2 days & this module now works better than all the commercially available products.
  9. After multiple hours and with good help from BSmither, we are almost there with our setup. We have managed to integrate the entire CubeCart into our main website seamlessly for the user. All the features, for the cart including authorize.net and UPS-Multiship etc works perfect. The pending items are .. 1. Change the "home" label to "Store Home" 2. Also change all fonts from "Gray" or Gray shades to Black. Another major item which will be great (not sure if this is available) is to add a "Calculate Shipping" to show shipping costs before user goes to checkout. Any input on 1 & 2 will be greatly appreciated.
  10. I have to thank you again for helping me find the error. So, in the CC5216, the folder "source" is completely missing. So, I created the folder and all is good now.
  11. You are an amazing man. oday, 17:53 [Warning] //classes/filemanager.class.php:685 - move_uploaded_/images/source/image001.jpg) [function.move-uploaded-file.php]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory Today, 17:53 [Warning] /classes/filemanager.class.php:685 - move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file.php]: Unable to move '/tmp/phpj3S2hW' to '/images/source/image001.jpg' [Warning] classes/filemanager.class.php:686 - chmod() [function.chmod.php]: No such file or directory Today, 17:53 [Warning] -/sources/products.index.inc.php:362 - Invalid argument supplied for foreach() Today, 17:52 [Warning] /includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_resource.php:733 - filemtime() [function.filemtime.php]: stat failed for /cache/skin/13280168f0b6f095c48216a7e08cfa924e90da43.file.maintenance.index.php.php
  12. The funny thing is that the message after uploading an image it says "file successfully uploaded". It then is not found, goes into an abyss.
  13. You may be on to something here. I am going to check the php settings on the server. The only part confusing is that it says images uploaded successfully. Let me check the php config.
  14. I can't see them via FTP or Cpanel. It doesnt seem to upload. I also tried downloading a stock image from the cube cart website and tried to upload it. No charm. I can try to restart the web server to kick out any gremlins hanging out there. I just tried to upload another image with the image upload screen. I hit Save and it said, image uploaded successfully. When I go to the images file manager tab,"No files found"
  15. We are on 5.2.16. There is no image on the url. Its blank with no image. Unable to upload images all types. I did change the "admin" folder name as well as rename admin.php, but the new value are in global settings file. Can this be the issue? I can revert back and check.
  16. Now I am able to see the image name in the images box under products however when I click on it, it pops up a grey box. The same on the website under products. Is this a format of .jpg that the system doesnt like?
  17. I am trying to upload images under Products and its not doing it anything, when I Save. Nothing gets uploaded. I went into images under File Manager and tried from there. Its shows up under Files and when I try to edit it, an error pops with the message "image no longer exists". Any pointers? Is this a permission issue on any of the folders? Thanks.
  18. I was able to spend some time and figure this out. I think I got it working now. Thanks for all the help.
  19. Hi, I have been trying to setup with another provider before I decided to setup our own shopping cart with cube cart. If you click on store.jkantennas.com and select JK-Navass5, you will see the options displayed. This link in not the cube cart link. Thanks.
  20. Any reason, why the Options will not display under a Product? Its all configured in the control panel. The Options do not display but gives an error when you try to buy stating that options need to be selected.
  21. Hi, Thanks for the response. I have gotten a few steps further in the process. I am able to get negotiated rates from UPS now. However MultiShip is not breaking down the box weights when my item is more than 150lbs. It works fine till 150lbs, anything more it sends it to UPS as a single package of 200lbs instead of splitting as it is supposed to according to my understanding of the module.
  22. I have got everything working after installing CubeCart 5.x. I was able to successfully setup the payment gateway etc. I am struggling UPS MultiShipping setup. I am waiting for my license key after purchase but using "Demo" as the key. I see ability to add Zones under "Plugin" but there is no save button displayed. When I go to the cart, it says that the product cannot be shipped due to suitable methods for shipments not available. Can someone point me towards some documentation on UPS Shipment setup. My items are heavier items weighing more than 100lbs to 300lbs. Thanks.
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