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  1. I'm looking for someone to do a few things: Migrate from Ubercart to Cubecart (no official sales yet, only nine products and fixed shipping) Integrate GSPay with Cubecart using the GSPay module Ensure my sales foll-up emails are triggered (1st goes out on a sale; 2nd on when the items are shipped; 3rd when the courier confirms delivery; 4th initiates a Quality Assurance routine; 5th dependent on the 4th and response). Thank you for your interest!
  2. Hello All, Here's my situation: I have a current site with minimal products (nine) Build in Drupal Using Ubercart Has some custom emails sent out (on order, when shipped, when delivered, customer verifies the delivery was okay, quality assurance for any missing/damaged items) Payment gateway is GSPay The issue I'm having is that GSPay doesn't have an Ubercart module, Cubecart does. The developer that I hired isn't getting the job done with the Ubercart integration. My previously automated custom emails (as listed above) are no longer automatic and there are other minor issues with the integration. I'm looking for someone to finish the job. Integrate with GSPay, get my automated emails working again. PM me for details. Thanks! Daniel
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