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  1. I wonder how many people realise that when you delete an item on Cubecart it doesn't automatically delete the image/s? I often have 6 or 7 images per listing and each listing is a 'one off' as I never sell exactly the same item again and never use the same images again. Items that are sold are transferred into a Sold Items category where they stay for around 12 months for collector's reference, and makes it easier for me if I am listing a similar item by editing the description. I also labour under the impression that this helps my SEO. Every few months I bulk delete the sold listings which are over 12 months old but until recently had not realised that this does not delete the images. Consequently I have thousands and thousands of images, going back more than 10 years in some cases which do not relate to any current listing nor will they be used for any listing in the future. It seems that there is no way to bulk delete images when you delete listings. I believe that this is now hugely slowing down the speed of my website and it is certainly increasing the time it takes me to list an item. If anyone can provide help and guidance or suggestions it would be much appreciated. I apologise if this subject has already been covered. I am running Cubecart 6.2.0. Many thanks.
  2. Sorry - I don't know what PM means. I've tried rebooting the router but that has made no difference. I can't connect to either my own Penworkshop website or Havenswift by mobile phone or PC. Everything was working perfectly yesterday and the only thing I can recall doing since is delete browsing history.
  3. I've run the Windows Network Diagnostics and it comes up The DNS server isn't responding - Detected. Everything on my pc seems to be running fine apart from my connection to Havenswift and my own website.
  4. It was ok yesterday but this is what I have been getting since around midnight last night. This site can’t be reached www.penworkshop.co.uk’s server IP address could not be found. Try running Windows Network Diagnostics. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
  5. The Havenswift Hosting website seems to have been down for at least the last 9 hours. I can't access my website at all. Does anyone have information as to what is happening please?
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