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  1. Can't login to admin

    Thanks Ian I am running 6.0.8 and will take your advice and upgrade to latest 6.0.11 Have looked at the Staff Access Log and can't see any rogue entries as yet. It's less than 3 months since I upgraded from V5 to V6 after being hacked. An expensive period as I am not able to do the work myself.
  2. Can't login to admin

    Further to the above, am in now with a new password. Have no idea why this should have been necessary.
  3. Can't login to admin

    I can't log in to my Admin this morning. Being told 'Invalid username or password' although I know that both are correct. Have tried many times. Anyone else having the same problem please?
  4. What is involved please in upgrading from 6.0.8 to 6.0.11? Is it easy for a non-technical person to do? What would be a reasonable charge for someone to do this task for me. Many thanks for any information.