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  1. It's good to know it works. Your description above is pretty clear I think. For me I think even just having a comparison between used images and images in the source directory would be enough. I think I have all the product images separate from other images used in the website, but would need to double check.
  2. Being able to ftp images straight into the source directory is very handy. I am glad that works easily now.
  3. Looking for a way to delete images along with products - my shop is mostly one-off artworks, so when a piece is gone, it's gone. I found this one for Cube Cart 3: Image Utilities CC3 I haven't tried it in CC6 - not sure if it would break something. I can manually delete images if I remember before deleting the product, but tricky to do in the other order - the image filename being pretty much only recorded in the product listing (the other place being in the artist signature on the actual jpg - so I can go over to his tumblr blog and try find the piece, then zoom in for the sig
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