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  1. Okay interesting outcome so far, the facebook module is now correctly placed on the homepage!..However, the option to select only the homepage isn't coming up in the drop down box in my admin panel. Further, the facebook module only appears on the homepage when I select "product detail and site documents" option, aka: <option value="all" {$SELECT_like_location_all}>{$LANG.module.social_location_all}</option> The "Homepage only" option in the drop down box in the admin panel is not actually appearing at all, even though I added it to index.tpl Please see the attached image, it shows the "Homepage Only" option missing, as well as what option DOES make it show on the homepage (of all things). The "Product detail & site documents" option will display the module on Product detail, site documents AND the homepage. - Product detail only shows it on products as designed and - site documents shows on site documents as designed.
  2. I have decided to not opt for adjusting the phrase to include the homepage, as the "Homepage Only" option is a perfect option. I have made the changes to /language/definitions.xml and uploaded the file
  3. Ahh clever. Okay, the file /skins/foundation/templates/content.homepage.php has been edited and uploaded
  4. I am more than happy to direct funding towards any efforts to customise my already fantastic cubecart experience , only problem is I have none at the moment. Certainly interested though
  5. I have the facebook social plug in installed, and have set it to appear at the bottom of all the site DOCUMENT pages. The Facebook button appears at the bottom on all site documents - except the contact page (which is fine) and the homepage document - which is really the only place I NEED it to be. and idea why it displays on all document pages except the homepage? Or even know how to tweak it so it only appears on the Homepage document? Thanks Tom
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