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  1. Hi, Harrisorganic, thanks for your suggestion will give it a try soon . After a bit of further digging through the forums I have come across this post (link below) which seems to solve the issue correctly but was coded for an older version V3 or 4 I think? Would be great to possibly get this converted to the current version. Thanks once again....
  2. Hi, can anyone please help explain how to set-up a Cube Cart V6.011 store to meet Australian tax (G.S.T.) requirements? Initially tax is included in the product, but during checkout the component of G.S.T (10%) should be shown and not added to the grand total. Product costs $10.00 (inclusive of GST) Postage costs $6.50 (inclusive of GST) GST\Tax: $1.65 (G.S.T. Component) not added to the total, but displayed as the breakdown of GST\Tax) Total cost of item including GST is $16.50 Can anyone please shed some light on this, I'm tearing my hair out Thank you in advance
  3. Hi, there I am new to the forums, long time lurker:) I am experiencing this issue with our CubeCart V6.011 AU store using the official EWay plugin (from eway) does anyone have any updates on this? Would like to sort out if possible, have been in contact with Eway still awaiting a response as even they are unsure as to what is causing this? Many thanks, Glenn
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