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  1. Ah how did I miss that! Ok I added the semi colon but now I have a blank page again
  2. Ok that has been deleted. Now the functions file is reporting a fatal error:
  3. Ok we seem to be getting somewhere. This is the status now
  4. Ok I've just changed it (sorry). Now the page loads as this:
  5. I have checked the change for the ini.inc.php file and I have attached the file below. I don't think I have missed anything
  6. Okay I have removed the trailing slash, Also the live site does use SSL certificates but only from login/register on-wards. I have also downloaded the editconf.php file. Where does this go and do I have to make any changes to it
  7. I have copied it exactly over. I have attached a screenshot on the global.inc.php file
  8. Ok I tried this just now and restarted the apache before checking. Unfortunately this did not work and still showed a blank page. I checked the error log and all it states is a depreciated MYSQL error. I'm not worried about the sql error as it is only being used internally so this is not a security risk for us. Do you have any further ideas as to how this can be fixed? EDIT: After searching through a thread on apachefriends (LINK). Could it still be trying to read a license file? If so how can I change it so it either ignores the license or renew the license. EDIT 2: I have also checked ioncube to see if that was the issue and it is installed fine. I have disabled the license key and it still doesn't load.
  9. Unfortunately that did not work. I tried version 4.4.8 (the latest build of version 4) and it still has a blank page EDIT: Just realised that I updated the admin.php file on our live site to avoid this issue so that was already configured. Any other suggestions?
  10. Thanks in advance. I was searching earlier but had trouble as they stated newer versions and wasn't very clear on where the files were stored or what to do. (maybe I didn't look hard enough!)
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