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  1. Wow, we hove no words at all, it seems all the problem is what we created. Let's be clear, the only reason you hate us is that we do not want to move our site to your hosting system which you asked several times in your email otherwise we can not figure out the reason, that's not the way doing business, each company or person they have their own reasons or situations if they can change or not, we are all very surprised your attitude. I works for my company, I do not need to hide anything as you mentioned. Anyway, if you can make the refund, we are happy enough.
  2. Thanks Tony, yes that's the one. Actually we did send the email, but they said we have to go to our account in their site to send the support ticket, however we couldn't sign in because the password is not working anymore, we requested several times for re-setting password, no response, it's weird.
  3. Is anyone having an issue to use the plugin called "product option images"(map product images against options) ? recently we purchased this plugin through the Cubecart Marketplace, but now having a hard time. First of all, we couldn't get license # after paid the paypal, then we were asked to register the developer's website to set an account for reviewing the instruction which will give you the idea how to get the license, we finally found the license # and installed the plugin to our site, but always failed to use it, it shows "License Expired", we tried to contact the developer, but never get response so far, they also blocked us to sign into our account to their site, not even allow us to reset password. We are extremely disappointed and have no idea why we have such hard time to use their product.
  4. Thanks for your advice Dirty Butter, I will double check more information before we go head for upgrade since we modified many things and it's hard for us re-doing everything.
  5. Thanks for all information. Is there anything we need to move around or make adjustment for our skin and site if we upgrade to 6.1.1?
  6. Thanks for response bsmither, what kind of codes needed if adding source image's folder path since all we need to see more files is just cache folder.
  7. Sorry for late update, there is the limitation for certain files visible or showing from the server for share hosting users based on hosting company policy, that's why I can only see 9998 files from the "cache" folder on FTP, not sure if we can split several folders for the image cache.
  8. Will try to see if works Thanks for quick response and advise bsmither, Dirty Butter
  9. We are using 6.0.11, not update latest url:https://www.epochhats.com/shop
  10. I have some problem to find whole cache of images in FTP, I only can find partial such as "alphabet" A to C filename (for example BK2001..) at "images/cache" location from FTP, but couldn't find any other caches after C alphabet, is anyone having same issue to find whole caches? Appreciate any suggestion or information.
  11. Noodleman and hosting company help us to installed and get worked. The dimension setting is important to us Thanks
  12. Thanks Noodleman, but still not working. We are using "godaddy" hosting.
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