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  1. well....all i can say is...thanks...a lot that was the issue...file extension was .GIF in original i changed to .gif and hey presto...sorted.. now i have a few gifs to make so i can change regularily and then to venture into a newer version of CC Thank you again for your help
  2. ill try that.. original says orchard_gif.GIF i already tried newfrontorchard.GIF so i will change it to newfrontorchard.gif and let you know
  3. almost lol the file original is called... orchard_gif the new file is called... newfrontorchard.gif the only thing i changed was 'orchard_gif' to 'newfrontorchard' then updated at bottom so how do i cure this?
  4. Hi again i have attached pics of what i have done but still no gif change
  5. thank you i will be at the pc concerned within the hour. could you also just confirm that the gif i have to make is at size 552x390? i know theres a limit to file size of 1.5mb.
  6. sorry.,,i dont understand.. i uploaded as per your instructions it said uploaded successfully. it shows in the list of images when i click on 'manage images' would it be a folder location error? or something else? Thanks Jim
  7. okkkk... now ive found where the files go and if im correct it is just a matter of changing name of image and updating... so i done that...updated...and it will not show on website.. i have made the gif at 552x390 can someone please advise?... i have attached screenshot of editor file in 'homepage' document (all i did was change orchard_gif to neworchard_gif but had to change back as it did not show on site) forgot to add... i did upload the new image to server successfully
  8. thank you for your reply i hae new gif already prepared but my problem is i cannot access the folder to change the original to new gif i can access and change everything else..products etc but not the gif the whole site needs a revamp to 'modernise' it but small steps first lol
  9. its cc3 and curvy blue skin i can access most if not all...im new to this site and its a mess..lots of things need changed before the owner upgrades.
  10. Hi, Thanks for your reply its on this site www.orchardmotorsport.com the big gif in middle below title how do i chnge the images? they are a gif file.. i have a new one made but cant get to folder to change it Thanks again jim
  11. Evening all...Im just starting out with websites and ive run into a problem I can upload images ,change products etc but i cant change the main image in top centre of homepage. it is a gif file that changes appox. 6 images i want to change those images but cant find the way to do it can anyone advise/help? Thanks in advance
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