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  1. i put a gallery link as a document, and putting my subdomain as url but, system takes it as (musonfishing.com is main) "www.musonfishing.com/gallery.musonfishing.com" any way to redirect it to a subdomain? just gallery.musonfishing.com
  2. well i was editting some codes, and i realized that i accidently deleted "save" button at category edit panel(Admin page). i editted many pages, do you know which file includes this code(i have the code but don't know where to put)
  3. Is there any way to put youtube video in product description? i've been searching forums but couldn't find any usefull information about it
  4. i want to remove these buttons, i found the codes in developer mode but, i can't find the file for this. sorry if i asked a stupid question thanks in advance
  5. hello bsmither, actually, im talking about those parts (in picture) especially left side, i want to change size and color of them.
  6. At the product names, is there any way to change font sizes, its way too big, i want to make it smaller. thanks in advance
  7. but when i do that, all prices shown as "x.xx" and "unavailable" i don't want to see them, how can i remove it?
  8. Hello there, i just started to use cubecart and advertising my goods. The thing is, because of my countries law, i have to pay huge amount of money for e-shopping so i just want to use my webpage for showing my goods. And i want to delete pricing and my basket stuff on my webpage and im mid level about web paging, anyone can help me about it? which codes i have to remove etc. Thanks in advance
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