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  1. Thanks. That worked exactly as I wished. You're a star. Have a lollipop!
  2. Thanks for your speedy response, BSmithers! Am I right in saying your suggestion moves the product description to a position beneath the product picture(s)? And, if so, does the little block containing the price/quantity/basket button thus slide to the top of the page? Best wishes, Will
  3. I'm running CC6 with Minimizer Skin (which is based on Foundation) and want to improve the layout of the product page. At present, there's essentially a two-column layout, with the product title and picture(s) on the left, and the description followed by the price, quantity and Add to Basket button. When I have long descriptions — longer than the height of the picture — which is often the case, I end up with a tall thin column of text (my description) wasting a whole load of space beneath the picture. Furthermore, the price and Add to Basket button are then inevitably shoved right to the bottom of the page, well out of anyone's easy sight. A rough mock-up is attached (Layout-1) What I'd like to do is edit the template (presumably box.product.php) such that the description goes the full width of the page beneath my picture(s) and the price/Add to Basket button stuff is moved to the top right (see Layout-2). This would mean that, no matter how long my description, the picture, price and Add to Basket elements are always within easy reach for the customer and, importantly, my pages aren't wasted with lots of unhelpful white space. Given that Cubecart seems to have no documentation and I can't work out from the template how the various divs work together, I'm at a loss as to how to make this edit. I'd be ok if the divs were just divs, but it seems to break the page if I just use my common html sense. Any clues anybody, pretty please? Thanks in advance.
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