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  1. BSmither, I sent you a Message through the system.
  2. That is a shame. because Cube Cart appears to be a nice product. Your suggestion is not possible with the size of some of the files we are talking about. Some of the tutorials that we sell, can exceed 20 hours in length, those files could easily exceed 2GB if included in a single compressed file. Cube Cart is missing an opportunity here, there are a large group of us that teach online and the industry is getting larger. I have written my own standalone application that handles my downloads now but does not have near the functionality of the Cube Cart application. I would have really liked to you have used Cube Cart. I guess I will keep looking. Thank you for the response.
  3. I run a training site and would like to use Cube Cart for the shopping cart software. I have looked all over but cannot seem to find support for multiple files on a single downloadable product. Some of the tutorials that I sell, these are all video tutorials, with presentations, notes and videos, are quite large when I break them down into files sizes of 200 - 300 MB there are sometimes a group of files that make up one product. Is there a way to use Cube Cart as the sales platform for products like this. I would appreciate any help. I currently use my own cart software that does this and have thought about writing a new one but your is becoming so popular if possible I would like to use yours. Thank you for the help. Mike
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