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  1. Thank you Do you know where or how I might fine how to do this?
  2. drop down Menu bar in store front CC6 1. Black menu bar when you place your curser over a category it brings down the listings of the subcategories for that category. or 2. When you click the category in brings down the images for each subcategory and then you can select what subcategory you want from the image. Is there a way to change this when you place your curser over a category it will bring the images for each subcategory and do away with the first No.1 selection?
  3. Where do you set the background color for the front store page cc6. It is white now I would like to set it to light orange, have tried different areas in the cubecart.css, but doesn't seem to change anything, I must not be at the right place or css file.
  4. In the product description it has the following: Description Short Description (Optional) Save Save & Reload It shows the above, It is just like it is a picture, But it will not let me enter anything
  5. I found that the image was blocked, once I removed the block firefox was fine with it
  6. Logo not showing in Firefox story front Works fine in Explorer I have removed all cache and cookies but still does not show. In the View Page Source it shows the Image
  7. If I want to learn how to modify the skin and template of cubecart v6-11 is there some doc or instruction showing where and what everything in the the skin and template is and what it does. I am not a programmer as such, I learn as i go and do. Thank you
  8. Setting up new site with cubecart version 6 ,I am not able to fine where the setup area is for either of this topics Payment option and shipping option, I click every item on the left of the screen and nothing even came close in showing these items
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