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  1. Thanks so much for the help - I'll pass all this onto the techos at the marketing company - given I've opted to pay someone instead of doing it myself. I might end up doing it myself though if they can't figure it out. I'm def not changing platforms - this should be easy. Appreciate your help. Cherrie
  2. Thanks for this - I'm hoping there's an automated way to update the feed - I think that the guys who are doing this for me want it to be automated so they don't have to do anything every time I change the products. Do you know if there's any way to automate the feed? Thanks Cherrie
  3. Hi everyone - does anyone know how I can get Google Shopping to work? My marketing guys are telling me they can't do it and I need to change platforms... clearly that's not an option for me.
  4. Hi there I'm looking for an extension or way to create an automatic XML feed for the product on my website that will be compatible to run Google Shopping. I'm sure it's been asked, but I can't find anything that I can follow, so am hoping that there's an extension that my marketing guys can use, or a simple explanation of how to make it work. Thanks Cherrie
  5. Thank you so much - I've messaged you. Cherrie
  6. Thank you - I got it now..... Cherrie I got the CSV to download - but it only includes items that have an active status and not the ones I've chosen not to publish to the website, and doesn't include the cost price of the item. Is there a way to get that information from somewhere? I'm just trying to do a stocktake and want to start with what I should have in stock. Thanks Cherrie
  7. Hi there I'm trying to export the catalogue to csv. Other threads have said to select format - but I'm not seeing any option - only an 'Export URL' button - and it puts the data into a new browser wind. Is there a tick box I'm supposed to have checked somewhere or something. thanks :-)
  8. I'm trying to do the same thing - but can't see any option to change format - there is only a download/url button that puts the data into a new browser window. Is there a tick box somewhere I need to select or something? Thanks
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