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  1. That did the trick, thanks much appreciated
  2. Thanks for the info, I'm slowly working out cubecarts structure. I've contacted the theme developer he's going help out with the css. Cheers
  3. Help please, I purchased the galaxyx theme, I've been doing some customizing, here's the link I'm trying to move the document menu to the footer and have categories to show in the main menu I tried commenting out {include file='templates/box.documents.php'} and replacing it with {include file='templates/box.navigation.php'} but it displays the top menu as it looks in the sidebar. </div><!-- Header : End --> <div class="grid"> <div class="col-1-1"> <div class="content"> {include file='templates/box.navigation.php'} </div> </div> </div> I will remove the {include file='templates/box.navigation.php'} from the <div class="content sidebar"> as I don't want it there. <div class="col-3-12"> <div class="content sidebar"> {include file='templates/box.navigation.php'} {include file='templates/box.featured.php'} {include file='templates/box.popular.php'} {include file='templates/box.sale_items.php'} {include file='templates/box.language.php'} {include file='templates/box.skins.php'} </div> </div> Any help will be much appreciated
  4. Footer Design

    Thanks for the advice dirty butter. I ended up buying the galaxyx theme. I'll need advice for a couple of changes, I'll start another tread to keep things searchable for others. Cheers
  5. Footer Design

    Hi all, Great to see cubecart is now open sourced although paid for it a number of years ago. I'm wanting help with customizing my footer.. Vision v6, I removed the follow us social area and the mailing list from the footer, I need help to remove the TEXT "information" and make the links go across the page. Your help will be much appreciated