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  1. Yeah, looks like this will be what we do. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. Here's a shot of our menu - GC link is at the bottom, but what we're hoping to achieve is a drop-down arrow under 'CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS' at the top. We want to duplicate the link to /gift-certificates.html at the top, as a temporary feature. I tried the snippet as above but no success so far
  3. We've got a temporary category at the top of the menu called 'christmas gift ideas' We do have a GC link but would like to add another one as a sub-item of the above, if possible.
  4. I'm trying to add a link to the Gift Cert page under a category heading in our main menu. Does anyone know how to do that? CC5/Kurouto Thanks
  5. I want to install a Zotabox popup chat on CC6, but the script breaks my site. I'm adding the code in skins/kurouto/templates/main.php Should I add it somewhere else?
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