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  1. Was a few months back unfortunately. I was sort of hoping Al might be browsing through or the off chance someone else has had to fix the same error.
  2. Yes, you are quite right. I'll be more inquisitive next time its fixed. cheers
  3. Fair enough, not complaining about the cost of upgrading as such. It's just that we have a permanent bug which reappears on every minor upgrade, requiring a support ticket to be resolved. I would like to know how to fix it myself.
  4. Thanks. Seems funny we are the only ones with this problem, there must be other cubecarts that originated from v.3 out there?
  5. So I purchased support credit to have this fixed and everything was good. Now upgraded to 6.1.5 and the problem is back again. Is there any possibility of having this fixed permanently or do I need to buy cubecart support every time an upgrade is installed?
  6. See screen cap. This is looking in phpmyadmin under 'structure' - all 3 columns are the same. I can't see any other reference to indexes
  7. Bit out of my depth here, but I ran the following which doesn't seem to have fixed it: ALTER TABLE CubeCart_inventory ADD FULLTEXT index_name( product_code, description, name )
  8. We are unable to search by old 3-digit product codes from CC3, eg has code 199 which results in 'no products found' using the search box. I've had this fixed previously but inadvertently over-wrote whatever the file was during a 6.1.1 re-install yesterday. Can anyone advise what code needs to be altered? Thanks