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  1. Yeah, looks like this will be what we do. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. Here's a shot of our menu - GC link is at the bottom, but what we're hoping to achieve is a drop-down arrow under 'CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS' at the top. We want to duplicate the link to /gift-certificates.html at the top, as a temporary feature. I tried the snippet as above but no success so far
  3. We've got a temporary category at the top of the menu called 'christmas gift ideas' We do have a GC link but would like to add another one as a sub-item of the above, if possible.
  4. I'm trying to add a link to the Gift Cert page under a category heading in our main menu. Does anyone know how to do that? CC5/Kurouto Thanks
  5. I want to install a Zotabox popup chat on CC6, but the script breaks my site. I'm adding the code in skins/kurouto/templates/main.php Should I add it somewhere else?
  6. Thanks, handy to know. For the record, our host requested Cpanel support and the server is now correctly configured to run https.
  7. I can sporadically get into admin, but every time I click 'save' it boots me out I'm currently sending a support ticket.
  8. Ok thanks. Is there a way I can change 'Enable SSL' to 'no' via cpanel? Unable to make any changes in dashboard at the moment
  9. We now have a proper SSL certificate correctly installed. However I switched SSL to 'Yes' and now have security warnings and am also unable to switch SSL off. It just boots me out of admin every time. Website is effectively down. Can I change this in phpmyadmin or is ther a config file I can edit?
  10. That sounds about right. I'll look into it with the host, thanks.
  11. Store is www.troutflies.com.au I've disabled SSL as it makes the site unusable, but here are screen caps of settings and the subsequent warning in Firefox
  12. Our host has recently provided a self-signed SSL certificate on our domain. I've changed to https:// in Dashboard>SSL Settings but it's giving a 'not secure' warning so I'm obviously doing something wrong. Is there a guide to correctly setting this up?
  13. Was a few months back unfortunately. I was sort of hoping Al might be browsing through or the off chance someone else has had to fix the same error.
  14. Yes, you are quite right. I'll be more inquisitive next time its fixed. cheers
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