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  1. Hi all I use the PayPal plugin for processing most of the payments on my store (the other is manual bank transfers for a non-supported PayPal currency). The default cubecart currency is set to AUD. Clients can however select the currency in which they want to display the prices from a drop-down menu. This causes some issues, for, independent of which other currency the client chooses, the currency reverts to AUD on PayPal checkout, (eg. a customer selects USD as currency, places the order, selects PayPal as payment method and then the pricing appears in AUD) While I'd prefer to recei
  2. I've edited my ini-custom.inc.php file with the recommended edits, and so far everything seems to work "as advertised". thanks again
  3. Thanks for that, Brian. ( I searched on the forum for hacks etc, but not for this thread...) I'll create that PHP script and see how we go. As a matter of interest (maybe not), in reading the thread you pointed to, I noted the comments from others re clients registering with shouted characters. I did a quick check on the clients in my shop. Over all the clients, only just more than 3% register with CAPS. However, that rate has more than double over the past while, for some reason. It is interesting about recaptcha being circumvented, though. thanks again
  4. Hello all Lately I have had hacker-types register as clients in my CC store (typically with names such as "MxFcgAVH, MXFcgAVH". As I do not get notifications of new user registrations, I'm unaware of these registrations until I log in to the admin panel again, when I just delete them. However, these sorts of registrations have gone hand-in-hand with the sending out of spam from the store address, typically in Russian, but with a tag at the bottom of the emails : "This email is sent from the stores master email address but it is possible to reply directly to the sender using the repl
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