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  1. cpierrep

    Removing Required Address fields

    Thank you. yes, Paypal does not require an address to be processed, as far as I understand in any case, as it already has the client details on file. But not so sure about credit card payments and the like. If this is would require significant coding changes, would it perhaps be an option to request address details as part of the registration process rather than as a secondary input after the account has been created? (Some clients just do not do complete that section). Or would another alternative be to fill blank address fields with ghost info - sort of "if address = blank then address = 1 - this isn't my preference As a matter of interest: Up to now I have not used a payment gateway - I provided the clients with payment details manually, or where applicable sent PayPal money requests manually. However, this is not only time-consuming but also not great from a customer perspective. So am in the process now of linking in PayPal and PayFast, a South-African gateway (seeing that most of my clients reside there). But this has led to another problem which I'll list under a separate thread... Thanks again
  2. Hi all Recently some of the clients using my CC shop have experienced problems checking out. The problem in all their cases was that their profiles did not include addresses. Address fields are not required fields during the signup (account creation) process, so for them to add those, they would need to go to "Your account", "Address book" and fill in the details. However, many do not do this, simply because a physical address is not required for the digital products I supply. When they place an order, the process goes fine up to the view basket stage. If they do not fill in an address, they can not click on the Save button to progress to checkout. So the question is how do I prevent the checkout process from checking for an address? Or perhaps disable the address fields completely? I am using CC 6.0.11 (cannot use 6.1.13 on the hosted server architecture I am on) PHP 5.3.29 skin is e-sharp
  3. Hi folks wonder if someone has any suggestions/recommendations in this regard: I sell a number of ebooks (some on Cd) through my store. To make my life (& pricing) easier, I have a single price for postage, independent of where the item has to go ( and if postage exceeds what I've worked on, I absorb the difference). Seeing that most of my products are digital, there has not really been an issue. However, one of the authors on whose behalf I market the books, wants to charge different prices based on destination (local vs overseas, and the difference is substantial). So, the question is whether CC can be "edited" so as to allow the display of 2 or 3 prices per item (eg $15 inc postage to US, $20 inc postage to Europe and $10 for local postage). I had wondered if it would be possible to just use a postage option at the time of checkout, but shipping will also change based on the number of items the purchaser ends up purchasing - and often people do not tick the shipping box . Many thanks Colin
  4. Hi Patrickm81 The edits I listed above op 17 July works for me in terms of displaying the email as coming from the client rather than the store email address. I do not take issue with Bsmither's comments that using it the way I outlined may lead to an email being blocked by some email servers - it is quite correct that mail hosters/isp's put into place policies to stop this "impersonation". But I must also say that in all the time I've had that particular edit running (5 months with CC6, much more with a previous version), and with hundreds of store orders, I've not had one block take place (to my knowledge in any case, as no client has indicated that they've placed an order for which I did not get an admin email). Maybe I've just been *lucky* with the vps I run! I can only say this has worked very well for me. Colin
  5. cpierrep

    [Resolved] Order confirmation email query

    Hi BooJewels you said : "I swear i didn't touch it, but..... the space between the first name and last name had gone" Interestingly enough, the exact same thing happened to me, also with the html version.... w.r.t. to the customer seeing a copy of their own comments, yes it certainly makes sense for them to receive a copy too. I included this in my edited confirmation email, in the following two lines in the html code: <p><b>Your comments:</b></p> <p>&quot;{$DATA.customer_comments}&quot;</p> and the following two lines in the plain text code: Your comments: {$DATA.customer_comments} In the admin template I "personalised" it a little bit by adding the client's name as well, so it appears something like the the following: Joe has added the following comments: "blah blah" In the html code this was done with: <p>{$DATA.first_name}&nbsp; has added the following comments:</p> <p><b>&quot;{$DATA.customer_comments}&quot;</b></p> and in the plain text version with: {$DATA.first_name} has added the following comments: {$DATA.customer_comments} hope this is of help
  6. Hi folks In the server-side error log I have the following error: [17-Jul-2016 07:02:22 UTC] PHP Warning: Security Warning: Illegal array key "amp;catId" was detected and was removed. in /home/cdbooks/public_html/classes/sanitize.class.php on line 72 The above has come up twice in the past week, as has: 14-Jul-2016 12:50:04 UTC] PHP Warning: Security Warning: Illegal array key "amp;productId" was detected and was removed. in /home/cdbooks/public_html/classes/sanitize.class.php on line 72 Any suggestions for resolving this?
  7. OK!! Success at last.... I mentioned above that I would prefer to have the "New Order Received" email which is sent to the admin, to have the client's email address as the "from" address, rather than the default store address. We have now been able to get this done in the following manner - there may be easier ways, but this is what we did. (And, as always, make sure you have a backup of your existing files!) Open mailer.class.php find the following line: (in mine it is line 147) public function sendEmail($email = false, $contents = false, $template_id = false) amend the line to read: public function sendEmail($email = false, $contents = false, $template_id = false, $CHRIS_FROM_EMAIL="", $CHRIS_FROM_NAME="") Please note that the CHRIS_FROM_EMAIL and CHRIS_FROM_NAME can of course have other names, just be sure to use the same ones throughout! Find the following code (mine was in line 202-204) if (isset($contents['email'])) { $this->addReplyTo($contents['email'], (isset($contents['from'])) ? $contents['from'] : ''); } add in/amend after this: if($CHRIS_FROM_EMAIL=="") { $this->Sender = $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'email_address'); } else { $this->Sender = $CHRIS_FROM_EMAIL; $this->From = $CHRIS_FROM_EMAIL; $this->FromName = $CHRIS_FROM_NAME; } save the file Open order.class.php find the following code (mine was line 401-402): (this is for Order pending email sent to admin) if (!$GLOBALS['session']->has($message_id, 'email') && ($content = $admin_mailer->loadContent('admin.order_received')) !== false) { $this->assignOrderDetails(null, true); amend the next two lines (in my case 403/404) to the read as follows: $CHRISTEMP = $order_summary['first_name'] . " " . $order_summary['last_name']; $admin_mailer->sendEmail($admin_notify, $content, false, $order_summary['email'], $CHRISTEMP ); find the following code (mine was line 436-437): (this is for Order process New Order received email sent to admin) if (!$GLOBALS['session']->has($message_id, 'email') && ($content = $admin_mailer->loadContent('admin.order_received')) !== false) { $this->assignOrderDetails(null, true); amend the next two lines (in my case 438/439): $CHRISTEMP = $order_summary['first_name'] . " " . $order_summary['last_name']; $admin_mailer->sendEmail($admin_notify, $content, false, $order_summary['email'], $CHRISTEMP ); Save the file The admin email should now come as being from the client's email address
  8. cpierrep

    [Resolved] Order confirmation email query

    Ok, thanks. this does do the trick.
  9. cpierrep

    [Resolved] switch.php and cart.php 404 errors

    Ok, thanks for that. I have edited the robots.txt file to include those files, but I have also created "fake" cart.php and switch.php files that redirect to the cart - tackle the problem from two angles.....
  10. Hi folks I'm noticing a large number of 404 errors on my cubecart site, specifically for two php giels: switch.php. (899 such messages in the past 12 days). cart.php (485 over the pas 12 days) Are these standard cc-files? (I assume that to be the case, as that is what my site consists of, but i cannot find a trace of them existing either on my site or on the old backup - closest is a cart.class.php thanks
  11. cpierrep

    [Resolved] Order confirmation email query

    Hi. Sorry, I thought I had made it clear enough that the next section does not work, hence I had to remove it: </table> {if !empty({$DATA.note_to_customer})} <p>&quot;{$DATA.note_to_customer}&quot;</p> {/if} If I try to key in the above code (or copy and paste it), the template will not save - it simply reverts to the "old" version of the template, which has this: </table> {if !empty({$DATA.note_to_customer} <p>)}</p> <p>&quot;{$DATA.note_to_customer}&quot;</p> {/if} So: 1. I cannot save the code as in the first code-copy above, not by first trying to save it under the Source view, nor by typing it in the source view and then going to the wysiwig view and trying to save it there. It simply will not save with that code. 2. Only by removing that code completely can I save the rest of the code (or any edits I want to make) 3. By removing the code, the note to customer is not displayed. hope that clears things up regards
  12. cpierrep

    [Resolved] Order confirmation email query

    Thanks BooJewels, that was a handy reference, which has helped me to resolve the problem. Well, partially resolved! In the posts of Alipitt13 and bsmither it was suggested that that the follwoing code </table> {if !empty({$DATA.note_to_customer} <p>)}</p> <p>&quot;{$DATA.note_to_customer}&quot;</p> {/if} Should be replaced with this: </table> {if !empty({$DATA.note_to_customer})} <p>&quot;{$DATA.note_to_customer}&quot;</p> {/if} Now, I tried this, but like fo alipitt13, CC6 would not save the code! (copied/pasted it into the html source code, then switched to HTML/Wysiwig view,in which it would immediately display the "faulty" ")" - so it just would not save it. Also tried to save the code in the html source code view first, but same result.) But, like alipit13, i removed the code, and voila! the template saved. I have now been able to make the other changes which I wanted to, but obviously this part of the code is effective broken. Nevertheless, the changes which i want to be able to make, I can make - so, partially resolved.
  13. Thanks Dirty Butter I've gone through all the classes I could think of (including order.class) but haven't been able to track down the mod. (The cart was set up & modded abt 8 yrs ago). Of course I might just be missing it!
  14. Hi all In the admin email received notifying me of a new order, the email comes from the store email address, which is specified in "Store Settings, Advanced". In the previous version of CC we used, we edited a template/form somewhere (excuse the vagueness but I cannot remember where!) to allow us to specify the "from email address" as being that of the customer, so that we could easily "reply" on that email rather than copying and pasting the email address. Is there a way in CC6 to do this? - I cannot change the "sender's email address" in Store Settings, Advanced" as that would of course be a store-wide change affecting all templates which use the store email address. thanks
  15. Hi all I've recently upgraded from CC3 to CC6.0.11 (6.0.12 did not work due to a server limitation) Store works fine, however I do have an issue with the confirmation emails sent to clients. The default template (File manager, Email templates, Cart: Order Confirmed) works perfectly - emails get sent out, all fields populated, clients receive them. However, if i make any change to either the HTML or Plain text content , nor order confirmation emails are sent out! If for example I change the the first line in the plain text content from "Thank You {$DATA.first_name}! " to "Thank you {$DATA.first_name}! " (ie just change the capitalisation of You), the confirmation emails are no longer sent out. With regards to the the HTML Content, it is immaterial whether I change something in the HTML view or in the Source View - result is the same, no emails sent out. Even if I change it back to what it was, the problems persists - I have to reload the default templates. What is interesting is that if i make changes to the "Admin:Order received" template, I do not have the same issue - those emails go out fine. given that the emails work fine with default templates as well as with the edited "Admin:Order received", I do not think this is a problem related to the mailer (I use the PHPmail function) Any help gladly received