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  1. Changing colours of buttons in CC v6

    It worked a treat Brian! Check it out at
  2. Changing colours of buttons in CC v6

    Fantastic Brian - you've come up trumps again! I'll have a bash tomorrow & let you know how it pans out. Thanks. G
  3. Sorry to be a pain again! I'd like to change the colours of all buttons etc. from blue to #CB5B06. I.e. everything that's blue in the foundation skin, I'd like to change to this colour - including the wording in the footer section. I need to know what files to edit. Thanks! The site under construction is at G.
  4. If you're really keen to know, I'll set-up a temp admin profile for you. Quickly end me an e-mail to gwilym1'at' and I'll reply with the details. As you're on the Pacific Coast and I'm quite a few hours ahead of you in Wales, you'll have time to fiddle whilst I'm asleep! It's already past my bed-time. G.
  5. Thank you my friend. That seals it then - I'll delete the whole of the original installation tomorrow & start afresh with a new upload I think that would be a preferred option to reloading the admin skin and then possibly finding it doesn't solve the problem after the effort. It would be nice to know what caused the problem though, but some things you have to let through the net and put it down to an unsolved mystery experience. Here's hoping it doesn't rear it's head again. Take care, all the best, G.
  6. The submit (labelled 'Save') button does not change in shading but a faint outline line is visible when it is hovered over. However this is exactly the same when a 'Save' submit button is hovered over on a section that works. Here are some screen shots again: 1. Store settings 'Save' button (notice where it is located - well away from the form and tucked in the bottom left hand corner) normal view: 2. Store settings 'Save' button when hovered over: 3. Screenshot of a section where the 'Save' button works: 4. Same scenario when 'Save' button is hovered over: From your comments, I would opt for the possibility of the JS having crashing on this page. Although the button for the store settings is in a strange place and appears to be under the footer tray area of the page. As it is only just installed, with no categories or products loaded and a minimal amount of customising, I'm tempted to just start from scratch. I'm fairly convinced that if a Java Script has broken, then it may be when I attempted to install a theme. The problem seems to have coincided with that task. What do you think? I could spend a lot more time chasing my tail with a malfunction than the time it will take for a fresh install. G.
  7. Thanks 'bsmither'. Simply put - the 'save' button is dead! It looks dead and is dead. No data is submitted. In other areas where it is possible to save changes then you can see activity as the information is uploaded after clicking the save button In the store settings area it is not functioning. Browser cache refreshing is not an issue. Regards, G.
  8. Hello fellow travellers! I've used CC in the past - no problems. I have just downloaded & installed v6 to set-up a web store for one of my sons. Installation went fine, and to start with I was able to begin setting up the cart in 'admin'. Somewhere along the line something has gone very wrong! I am now unable to save changes in certain areas of the cart, more specifically, the 'Store Settings'. The 'save' button at the very foot, on the left hand side of the page (is that where it's supposed to be?), does not seem to function. Some other changes can be saved but not in store settings. It seems that this problem arose after I took the store 'off-line'. Now I can't seem to be able to save the changes for it to come back on-line. I edited a custom 'store closed' page which worked the first time, but now I'm stuck with it as I can't save any changes I make! The only other thing I've done is installed two extension 'skins' (Nota & Vanilla) they show up in the 'manage extensions' section of the control panel, but with a 'x' by them. There's a tick by the 'foundation skin'. In the hope that it might have been the installing of the extensions I've now deleted them both off the server - but no joy. The other thing I get is a warning when I first log into the control panel telling me that caching is disabled. Here's a screenshot: However I can't change that either because I am unable to save changes. Here's another 'shot' showing what the tech details are - it seems that the server set-up and PHP version etc. are well within what's needed for v6. Unless someone in this forum can throw light on the problem by replying to this post, then I am quite prepared to PM details of a temp admin log-in so that you can have a look yourself. The site is at . Thanks in advance, Gwilym.
  9. Default font setting for Cube Cart v6

    Hmmm - the skin being used is Nota. I've been through the folders for this skin but I can't find anything that matches up to the .css files mentioned for the Foundation skin. A bit of a tickly one, I expected (foolishly perhaps) that this would be a simple straightforward edit! If anyone has come across this little problem using a Nota skin & knows the answer I'd be very pleased. It's not the end of the world, as it doesn't effect the functionality of the Cart, but it's nice to have things looking the way you want them to look. Thanks, G.
  10. Just a 'quickie' this time! I've noticed that the general font for the cart is dependent on the default font chosen for the browser that's being used to view the cart. As an example my Firefox browser is set to Arial, so on first viewing the contents of the Cube Cart I've set-up, in my Firefox browser, the type in the cart looked nice and neat - in Arial. I assumed this was the font displayed by Cube Cart in all browsers. However on a different device, but still using Firefox the type on the various pages was Times New Roman (unless the user changes the default font in Firefox, then Firfox's default is Times New Roman). What I would like to do is set the font in the cart so that it displays as Arial in all browsers, rather than depend on the default browser settings in individual browsers. Can someone tell me where to do this please? I guess it's a CSS file somewhere. Just tell me the file name and where to find it and what edits I need to make, I'll do the rest, if it's possible! Thanks. Kind regards, G.
  11. Excellent fellas! You're a STAR bsmithers. Followed your guidelines and it's sorted - the checkout message is now what I want, and everything should be clear for buyers to complete their orders. That Pay Pal gateway plugin file that needed editing was well hidden wasn't it? Brookbanks, I follow your logic. Everything for the store IS up to date. Regarding the button that changes to "Make Payment" I believe is the one I deleted, because it also caused confusion as it did not have a function when the Pay Pal button was displayed, because the one that linked to the Pay pal site was the Pay Pal button, having two that appeared to have the same function was not practical. The way it now works eliminates any confusion and is easy for new visitors to the site to proceed through the process. Many thanks to you both . . . . G.
  12. Getting rid of 'checkout' box

    Thanks Dirty Butter - it's comforting to know that someone is alive at least!!! I've just posted a new topic in Technical Support - I hope someone responds - this is a bit like fishing on a bad day ;-)
  13. I'm using the Pay Pal gateway (clunky and clumsy as I find it is, but as the site owner has an existing Pay Pal account I'm using it). It's the Pro/ Express plugin version. I've got it to work after a fashion (after having inserted a message at the checkout page to stop any confusion for new/ unwary potential buyers). Now they know they can pay without a Pay Pal account. It would be nice to insert a payment card graphic there - but that's a job for later, for now I need to get things working properly. When a payment is made via the Pay Pal portal the buyer is brought back to the CC checkout page - see below: Is this the way it's supposed to work? I've tried setting it up on PP so that buyers are taken nto a 'Thank You' HTML page on the seller's site, but that doesn't seem to work at all - they just get left with a blank screen.. This rather ambiguous message box shown above says "Please click 'Make Payment' to complete your order". THERE IS NO LINK or "MAKE PAYMENT" BUTTON on the checkout page! This is horribly confusing for potential buyers. In reality what it's asking for is for the "3 Payment" link to be clicked - but who the hell is going to guess that? So, I need to change either the wording in the message box (but I don't know whether that is injected in by Pay Pal or generated within Cube Cart itself). Or I'll have to edit the "3 Payment" link wording to match the wording in the message box. Can someone please shed light on the above? And tell me where to find the php file(s) I need to edit - assuming I need to? I'm new to this software and haven't found my way around yet. So your patience is greatly appreciated! Thanks, G
  14. Getting rid of 'checkout' box

    Obviously not - it's been a week now and I still need a bit of help, but no takers. I'll post the tech question as a separate post on the board. This one has become rather 'mixed up' anyway, as it deals with more than one problem I've had. G
  15. Getting rid of 'checkout' box

    Posted this over 22 hours ago but no responses. Anyone out there who can help? G.