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  1. After some recherche I think, I have the solution. I have put in the value this code for working. But the last time he doesn't work. So I hope that is ok fort a long time. <a href="{$DATA.storeURL}"><img alt="{$DATA.storeName}" border="0" src="{$DATA.logoURL}" /></a> Thank's everybody for your help.
  2. I have a logo in the store setting. On my enclosed image, I have first logo, then the contents of the email. Finally, the end of the mail with store name and url. Normaly this value make me my logo but i have the second picture. Thanks for your help.
  3. I have verified and I dont have a space between $ and DATA. I can try <img src="{$STORE_LOGO}" / but I have in my mail <img src= and when I make only {$STORE_LOGO} I have noting.
  4. I partially succeeded. There was a logo problem in the email template. Now it appears when I do with print oder but not when I send enamel despite that I put {$ DATA.logoURL}. It does not display the logo but the link of the url where the file is located. What should I put for the logo to be displayed and not the link. Thank you for your help.
  5. I use Print oder from. And I don't know if you help but I have in my systeme error in cubecart. " unknown tag "cke_protected_3" /includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php:23 - Syntax error in template "string: I don't see which error is.
  6. I have this error access.log "GET /admin_OqkCuT.php?_g=orders&customer_id=0 HTTP/1.1" 200 4184 /admin_gMsnPP/skins/default/js/styles/styles.php?eee98366e3cf26afabb3edb8ccaf7847 HTTP/1.1" 200 9520 /admin_gMsnPP/skins/default/js/plugins.php?eee98366e3cf26afabb3edb8ccaf7847 HTTP/1.1" 200 98652 But befor the payment step, it's works. when I clic on the payement button, i have after a white webpage. I can nothing to do
  7. I think we can only pay one coupon at a time. I will do so. For the error to switch to payment, I upgraded to version 6.1.1 is it works but I have a blank page that appears. Do you know what this may be? I also have a blank page that appears when I change the status of the command. Thank you for your help.
  8. Hello, I noticed when I put a discount coupon that I can no longer advance towards the payment and keeps putting me "the coupon is accrued and the discount granted" despite that I put next step. Moreover, I have two codes that is only usable for a product but if I have both products in my basket I can only use one code and not both. How can I use both? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  9. For the CHF I don't know how I have that but I believe that when I make a update. Fort de popular product : It's in a adminitration. It is on the tab parameter of the shop then product popular and recent, it is necessary to put 0 under number of popular product and last product.
  10. Hi, I have two problems on my homepage. I am suppress popular products so that it is no longer displayed. How to do ? I put not displayed in the administration party but that does not change. I also have a problem with the display of prices. It is noted 0 under my products but in the admin part all is good. When I print the invoice it gives me 0 and finally the name of the monarchy CHF is not displayed. This also affects the mobile version. I have to uninstall and reinstall but nothing works. Thank you for helping me resourare this problem.
  11. My certificate come from WoSign Digital. I have donwload the apache fodler and I have tree document (root_bundle.crt, mystore.crt and keystore.key). I have to for oder serveur. My Cpanel is ispCP Omega and I don't have a ssl party. Do you know siteweb or software for make a ssl in one document ?
  12. junior_pat


    Hello, I have the certificate ssl for my shop but I don't know where download the folder and what address I have to put in the administration partie. I don't have in cpanel the ssl party for make the certificate Thanks for your help.
  13. Hello, Tank's for your help but my probleme is I do not have this email template from the list here or elsewhere. How can I do to add to the list?
  14. Thank's for your help. When and how is possible to send this email "payement reçu" ? I wont utilised the mail. For your proposition how make that?
  15. I have look in email model. But how can to send this email if a can't when I modified the order ? In a Email model I have the other mail (confimed,...)
  16. Hello, I have a concern with the status of the order. I pre-defined email that is sent when I change the status. I have a status that is missing is that of payment received that is in the email. How can I add this email to send it when I selected? I have to write anything in the script and what file? Thank you for your help. You can see in french on the picture my problème. I would like make more "payement reçu"
  17. You welcome. I have juste forgot one thing. it must also change the name on line 52 in the fihier gateway.class.php Sorry to forget.
  18. Hello I have found the solution In fact, in gatway, i duplicated the record print-oder-form and renam print-oder-form2. After that, I modified the gateway.class.php. At the line 19 we have this code. action' => 'index.php?_g=rm&amp;type=gateway&amp;cmd=call&amp;module=Print_Order_Form&amp;cart_order_id='.$this->_basket['cart_order_id'], I have change the name and add 2 after Print_Order_Form. For my exemple : action' => 'index.php?_g=rm&amp;type=gateway&amp;cmd=call&amp;module=Print_Order_Form2&amp;cart_order_id='.$this->_basket['cart_order_id'], You save and you make what do you want since your cubecart administration. I hope my explanation is understandable and can help somebody. Thank you for your help.
  19. I utilise the print-oder-from for the pre-paiement. I have traying to make a duplicated of the module but he make the indication fort the pre-paiment. I continue to search a other solution.
  20. The pre-payment is befor I start the order and paie with ebanking. The payment slip paperwork is when I send the order by post and paie in 30 day at the poste office. It's more clear?
  21. Hello In advance, I apologize for my English. I just installed CubeCart and a problem with the payment part. I want my customers chossir can pay by payment slip or pre-payment? For pre-payment I found but not for the payment slip. Is it possible to do? If yes, how? Also when I put the other payment option, it puts me only the print (which I use for pre-payment). Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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