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  1. Takes care of the marketing end of it, but is there any way to add additional fields???
  2. I'm currently running CC6 and would like to add a few extra fields to the registration form. I've read through several posts, but can't seem to find if anything difinitve is available whether through plugin or directly to the form itself. Any suggestions if this is possible. Looking to add a yes or no field on whether they have ever ordered from the corporation... Looking to add a dop-down menu asking "How'd you hear about us?"
  3. Cool, I was hoping it would be the easy. I'm going the other way, currently it sits at "html_root/store" and I'm moving it "html_store" Thanks...
  4. To start with, I want to take a moment to say thank you, everyone's help here has been tremendous. We launched the site last Friday and the first week was amazing. Since the launch, my client has already received 11 orders for gross total of over 5K with an average order of $465. To say that my client is ecstatic is an understatement; he told me today that when he wakes up now that first thing he does is pour a cup and check the site. With that said, he had me flush the WP site in the front (I was hoping for that move) and direct everything straight to the store. Here is my question, how hard is it to move a store from a sub-directory to the main directory or is it best to just keep the WP there with a redirect in place? The store has over 2500 products. so I am a "little" nervous about moving it. Also, if I want to add Google Tag Manage, where would I put the script???
  5. A gamer friend of mine that I had met through clash of clans(we were in the same guild), called me one day and explained that he had taken a position as a sales rep with a company called 1st Ayd six months prior. He said they sold thousands of maintenance and sanitation supplies, but they had no online solution for their reps. We discussed building a site that would protect pricing while also rewarding large orders as well as track the customer’s history. After a lot of testing ecommerce solutions, a lot of failures, a lot of starting back at the beginning and quite a few sleepless nights, I decided to try CubeCart. If only I had started there first. CC was able to provide an answer for every goal I faced. I was able load all of the products and although all the descriptions and graphics aren't in yet, we decided to launch it live last Thursday. My client spent all day Friday registering all of his clients and potential clients, I then helped him with sending his first newsletter to each one of them. Since the launch, my client has already received 11 orders for gross total of over 5K with an average order of $465. To say that my client is ecstatic is an understatement; he told me today that when he wakes up now that first thing he does is pour a cup and check the site. We have all order going to pending so he can throw in some freebies. I must admit that the end product is definitely something that I am quite proud of. I also want to say that whenever I needed any help, the forums have always provided an answer, either through reading through older ones or posting my own. The help is awesome. Check it and tell me what you…. Buy1stAyd.com
  6. Thanks ayz1.... Did the trick... Once again, always great help in the forums...
  7. Here is the code from templates/featured.php, not sure where to put your code.... <div id="featured_product"> <form action="{$VAL_SELF}" method="post" class="top addForm" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded"> <h3>{$LANG.catalogue.title_feature}</h3> <p class="image"> <a href="{$featured.url}" title="{$featured.name}"> <img src="{$featured.image}" alt="{$featured.name}" /> </a> </p> <p class="title"><a href="{$featured.url}" title="{$featured.name}">{$featured.name}</a></p> {if $featured.ctrl_sale} <p class="price"><span class="price_previous">{$featured.price}</span> <span class="price_sale">{$featured.sale_price}</span></p> {else} <p class="price">{$featured.price}</p> {/if} {if $featured.ctrl_purchase && !$CATALOGUE_MODE} <div class="button"> <input type="hidden" name="add[{$featured.product_id}][quantity]" value="1" /> <input type="submit" class="button_add_basket" value="{$LANG.catalogue.buy_now}" /> </div> {/if} </form> </div>
  8. Is there any way to get CubeCart to select just one specific product and only that one product over and over?
  9. Just opened my first CubeCart store for a client and love it's versatility so far. I tested five other eCommerce solutions through WordPress and none of them gave me what I needed, CubeCart does and then some. I mostly do WordPress, and in fact am doing the opposite of what some have suggested here. The blog is on the front in order to capture and verify clients before passing them off to the store. This way they can be verified through corporate if they have purchased before and belong to a different sales rep. It was a new process for me and it took a little trial and error, but I was able to figure things out. Now it's just a matter of getting all of the 2800 products loaded correctly. I do have one little thing I would like to know. At the bottom of the page, is it possible to adjust it so that the " eCommerce by CubeCart " opens in a new window? My clients customers will be non savvy computer people, so a click here and there and they could be off and lost trying to figure their way back. Please advise...
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