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  1. New skin

    Hi Ian I couldn't find anyone so went with woo commerce Thanks for answering Richard
  2. How to remove a box?

    Many Many Thanks Mr Bsmither
  3. How to remove a box?

    Hi bsmither I deleted the homepage document to see if that would clear it but it did not There's a copy of the skin I have attached, i've only just installed it and not added any extensions yet I'm sure its something simple i'm just struggling to find the correct page to edit clear
  4. How to remove a box?

    Hi I'm trying to remove the red box from the bottom right of a skin but i'm unable to find it within the skin Any help would be appreciated
  5. New skin

    Hi All Looking to have a new skin made which is more up to date with current modern sites, is there anyone interested in the work?
  6. unable to open basket

    It's was the htaccess file opened a ticket with Al, he sorted it
  7. unable to open basket

    Ok that fix i found didn't work for to long Now you can login choose an item & it goes to the basket, then click on the basket & its empty and your logged out?
  8. unable to open basket

    Thanks for the reply bsmither, it did't work for this problem unfortunately, however i did find the answer this morning for my computer, clearing all browser data fixed the problem, my only concern now is how many missed orders because of this i've had 5 people contact us reporting this issue, at least 1 was using firefox already sent a feedback report to chrome and will contact paypal this morning
  9. unable to open basket

    Hi Guys When I place an order on my site then click the basket it returns back to the home page? Also unable to login as a customer? Any help would be appreciated The site works fine on edge, seems to have these issues on chrome, but my other site is working fine on chrome?
  10. Mail stopped working

    I'm on cPanel my emails are working fine just CubeCart doesn't work?
  11. Mail stopped working

  12. Mail stopped working

    It's way past my understanding unfortunately bsmither
  13. Mail stopped working

    Hi V6 latest version, the mail has stopped working with error message below, any help would be appreciated Testing SMTP with SSL SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: (0)SMTP connect() failed.
  14. [Resolved] Duplicate category in sale mode

    Solution found You can just remove this section of your HTML:
  15. [Resolved] Duplicate category in sale mode

    Thank you guys for your help, much appreciated