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  1. Solution found You can just remove this section of your HTML:
  2. Thank you guys for your help, much appreciated
  3. Nothing that I can find but my understanding of the back end of the site is limited Thanks for you help
  4. Yes Al at cubecart did it for me
  5. No records found, Dirty Butter
  6. Yes have a sales category, its off now but the duplicate one stays
  7. Hi ayz1 Not got a sale items document?
  8. Hi Guys Found this issue with my site using clear skin, started a sale and now there is a duplicate category been added with different content, take sale mode off and it disappears Have another site using clear skin with no issues?
  9. Hi All Has anyone else had this issue with v6.1.6 Unable to login after upgrade changed the url like before (Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) or browser back button used) tried closing the browser tried different browser but still unable to login
  10. Hi Al Do you have a release date for 6.1.6?
  11. Thank you for the info, much appreciated Dirty Butter
  12. Ok Good alternative keat thank you
  13. A pay as you go option would be more suited to my needs if that available?
  14. Hi Al Tried that before unfortunately it doesn't cover 3 sites
  15. Hi The author of clear skin seems to be missing in action? I'm looking to have the new recaptcha added to 3 sites but do not have the experience to do the job myself, is there anyone on the forum who takes on mod work? Regards Richard