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  1. Hi Al It would be great if the customer could complete the transaction on the paypal screen without having to confirm the payment back on cubecart Is that an option? I'm trying to keep the customers journey as simple as possible
  2. Hi all Wondering if i'm missing something in setting? When buyers purchase an item they go through checkout & then sent to paypal, they click pay at the paypal end, then are redirected back to cubecart site & have to click complete payment, I'm having so many buyer miss this & then complain they haven't received there item. Is there a way to finish when you click pay within paypal?
  3. Had a reply back from paypal who say from the screen shot it has stormtrooperundersuit.com in the URL so the problem is with the site, there advice was to contact the site developer to investigate & update your website's code to stop the unnecessary redirections.
  4. I don't understand how to find that out with my level of knowledge about websites. From the basket I clicked on paypal, the popup window opened, I logged in to paypal then click pay that's when after a short time the message came up too many redirects occurred & post the screen shot Checked the SSL cert for this site & its ok until 31st August 2019 the only thing thats change recently was the paypal module update but my other cubecart size is working fine with the same update??
  5. when you say cubecart configuration issue, where can i find this to check?
  6. I had this response from my hosting company. it looks like it could possibly be a bad URL being formed by the cart software.
  7. customers have been unable to checkout?
  8. Hi Al Tested myself & payment fails due to, to many redirects occurred I'll contact pay pal, recently updated the pay pal module too
  9. Hi Having issues with site which is all up to date When I am trying to log in and when I try to purchase as a guest and pay through PayPal it keeps timing out and won’t make the transaction
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