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  1. Absolutely Amazing. Thanks bsmither that worked a treat
  2. Hello Everyone. I found this post which I was hoping would answer my question. Dirty Butter asked six questions, and the original poster wasnt actually building a site. But anyway Ive listed them and my answers here. What Id really like to do is have the home page latest products listed alphabetically, rather than by when they were added. 1. What CC version are you on and what skin? A. 6.2.2 - Skin e-Shift Magenta 2. Is your install stock or has it been edited? A. Not sure what he was asking, but Ive added products 3. What is your store url? A. https://elvis-online.
  3. NOODLEMAN !!!!!!!!!! You stud muffin bad boy. A Big, Big, Big "Thank you" to you chap. Spot on. If I had a copy of your theme, could I rename it and install it alongside the standard foundation ? Or would all the css files be screwed up ?
  4. Thank you Noodleman. Ill try that and see if I dont screw it up
  5. Hello Everyone. Ive now changed ISP provider because 1and1 support was dire. I had a previous post about 500 server error, which they didnt even want to look at but now Im running cubecart with pickaweb and its running sweet. But anyway. Im using the Foundation Skin, and my daft question is........ Is this the same skin as Noodlemans https://www.noodleman.co.uk/ ??? If so Id like to configure mine to be wide rather than just the middle 60 per cent, and also to make my logo stand out bigger like Noodlemans. Thanks for any help. Ive been really happy and impressed with the fantast
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