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  1. Absolutely Amazing. Thanks bsmither that worked a treat
  2. Hello Everyone. I found this post which I was hoping would answer my question. Dirty Butter asked six questions, and the original poster wasnt actually building a site. But anyway Ive listed them and my answers here. What Id really like to do is have the home page latest products listed alphabetically, rather than by when they were added. 1. What CC version are you on and what skin? A. 6.2.2 - Skin e-Shift Magenta 2. Is your install stock or has it been edited? A. Not sure what he was asking, but Ive added products 3. What is your store url? A. https://elvis-online.co.uk/shop/ 4. Do you use Categories/subcategories? A. Yes 5. How many products do you want on the homepage? A. 16 6. Are you wanting to eliminate the Featured, Latest, Sale Items, and Popular sections? A. No Hope you can help. Thanks Phillip
  3. Thanks for that. Ill take a look
  4. You got that right about majento. I looked at it a couple of weeks ago and the menu options in the admin part confused me. But the technical question. If I sell a white tee shirt, can I have a drop down menu for size within the tee shirt main page ? Thanks Phillip
  5. Hello Al. Totally mean it, five stars. I had issues before but that was due to 1and1 being unhelpful pratts. Maybe 1and1 staff could come work with you or havenswift hosting for a couple of weeks, learn how to NOT read from a script and how to give proper support. Correct me if Im wrong, but dont you guys do this forum support for free ?? And its in the hope of a company buying licenses etc ? By the way, heard youve become a dad, congrats. Is it your first ? Phillip
  6. Hello Havenswift. Just for the record, Im absolutely impressed with cubecart, dont have any problems and have been impressed with the fact that cubecart looks so easy and small time, but once you start using it you find that its just as good as the big boys. Ive got my own shopfront using cubecart and dont intend to swap. I was looking at the possibility of using majento to setup a takeaway food shops online ordering system. They dont want to go to justeat, as justeat charge too much, so this shop wants it "inhouse". Obviously there needs to be sub options when ordering product A, like size and whether the customer wants all salad, or salad no onion etc. So I was going to setup majento on my site to try and figure it out, and let the shop see a running test before installing on their own host. But does cubecart allow for sub selections, IE what size pizza, and if you order that type of tee shirt, then select the size etc. Thanks
  7. Hi Everyone Is it possible to install and run both cubecart and majento on the same web hosting server ? Thanks Phillip
  8. NOODLEMAN !!!!!!!!!! You stud muffin bad boy. A Big, Big, Big "Thank you" to you chap. Spot on. If I had a copy of your theme, could I rename it and install it alongside the standard foundation ? Or would all the css files be screwed up ?
  9. Thank you Noodleman. Ill try that and see if I dont screw it up
  10. Hello Everyone. Ive now changed ISP provider because 1and1 support was dire. I had a previous post about 500 server error, which they didnt even want to look at but now Im running cubecart with pickaweb and its running sweet. But anyway. Im using the Foundation Skin, and my daft question is........ Is this the same skin as Noodlemans https://www.noodleman.co.uk/ ??? If so Id like to configure mine to be wide rather than just the middle 60 per cent, and also to make my logo stand out bigger like Noodlemans. Thanks for any help. Ive been really happy and impressed with the fantastic support from cubecart. Phillip
  11. Update. I can log into my admin page, but I now dont get any page listed when trying to see my shopfront, no index no nothing. Would anyone have an idea of where I could look ? Thanks Phillip
  12. Hello Everyone. Dont know what I did, but I had to reinstall cubecart (latest version) onto my 1&1 host site. Deleted old database and created a new one, setup cubecart, and now Ive setup shop and added products. But what Im getting is kind of the above issues that I had with my intranet, but now on my web hosting site. Ive added a box set to a section (blue ray), and gone through all the options, but the page isnt being displayed. Also when I upload artwork I get a network 500 error and the page shows the artwork hasnt been uploaded. Clearing cache and refreshing seems to do the trick, but in my artwork folder list no artwork is being listed ? Any ideas ? Thanks Phillip my website shopfront is at www.elvis-online.co.uk/shoponline Clicking on Movies > Blue-Ray doesnt show up despite adding Game of Thrones Season 1 boxset.
  13. Over on the right hand side is "Copy database to:" and then underneath is a load of boxes Structure only Structire and date Data only Create db before copying Add drop table Auto increment Add constraints Switch to copied db The ones that are auto selected are Structure and Data, Create DB and Add auto increment. So I entered the db name of the db I wanted followed by _copy, hit "Go" and got the error message
  14. Ive logged into 1&1, gone to phpmyadmin, selected the correct dbase, got as far as naming the backup dbase <Name_copy> and Im getting this error 1044 - Access denied for user <dbase name> to <dbase name_copy>
  15. Hi Keat. If you can do an idiots guide for me to download from 1&1 cpanel, or whatever panel you need, and then import into the cubecart on my home server. Now you mention phpmyadmin, I will have to check to make sure its install on my server. Thanks Phillip
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