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  1. Hi bsmither. Your answer made me upload the files to my own website, where I also have cubecart installed and a nice shopfront already running. Changing the url within the product to direct to a physical online location gets me one step closer. In the email is a link, clicking on the link opens my cubecart customer portal page (on the intranet server), an error is displayed that the file still cant be found, but there is now buttons to click for download, but alas poor oric no file. So although it doesnt work if the shopfront is on an intranet server at least Ive had fun finding out. So a big thankyou for your help. Phillip
  2. Hello Everyone. Im going to bore you here with loads of details just to ask a simple question. I have my own web domain with a shopfront using cubecart. Fantastic ecommerce guys. Ive tried x-cart and magento, and basically magento was tooooo technical, you needed to know everything, whereas cubecart has a more user friendly frontend so you dont really have to worry about the backend. Ive setup a home intranet server mainly as a backup of my websites, but I also wanted plex and a working copy of my shopfront. So far all works perfectly. The server is currently running Ubuntu 18.04 I wanted to mess with digital downloads and have uploaded four mp3 files to /var/www/html/shop/downloads/music I have setup the digital products within my store, and everything goes through smoothly, emails are sent to admin and the customer. But how do I setup the digital download link which should be sent in the customers email ? I bet 1 GBP that this is a really stupid question, and that the answer is just checking a box somewhere. Thanks Phillip I should have also added that in the digital page of the product, at the bottom is a box called "Custom File Path". Ive entered name . mp3 UPDATE. Just received the email with the download link. Openning the link in firefox opens the shop frontend with an error message The following errors were detected: It has not been possible to locate the download file.
  3. Hi keat. I did that, cleared my browser cache, tried the store using firefox and vivaldi, and it works a treat now. Thanks to you and foz1234 for replying, and the great help. Phillip
  4. Hi foz1234. Ive upgraded to the latest paypal plugin, and still the same. Ive attached a screenshot of what the plugin screen looks like. Thanks Phillip
  5. Hello Everyone Ive got Paypal Standard Payment Gateway ver 1.0.4 plugin installed on my shop. When someone places an order, gets to checkout and selects debit / credit card payment they are redirected to Paypal. The problem is that my paypal email address is displayed by default in the users email account login box. So they would have to delete this and enter their own email address and password. Is there any script on my site I need to be editing ? Thanks Phillip
  6. Noodleman, thats perfect. How do I download the 1 week free trial ? Thanks Phillip
  7. Hello Everyone. If a customer looks at, or adds product to the shopping cart, say a star wars movie, is it possible to have a link (or something) saying "You may also like this / these" and show / link to other star wars movies ? Thanks Phillip
  8. Hello Guys. Ive got season 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey offered on my site, plus a christmas special episode. What I was looking at was either offering money off if seasons 1 and 2 were purchased together, or offering the christmas special at a discounted price. Is it possible to do this without creating a bundled set of dvd's ? Thanks Phillip http://www.elvis-online.co.uk/shoponline/
  9. Ian You're a star. That works so great. Ive now just got to add weights to each product, which is the easy bit. But you have been brilliant, I cant thank you enough. Phillip
  10. Hi Ian. Thanks for your email and replies. Ive opened a support ticket. Thanks Phillip
  11. Hi Ian. Ive looked at the Royal Mail prices, and have figured out how to set weight for each product, then (sort of) setup postage by weight. But the price is in KG, so is there an idiots guide for the weight based section ? Im trying to setup a DVD as 130grams, assuming the weight calculation adds up all the weights etc, and its coming out as 2,200 something pounds when I test run adding products. My maths never was that good. I assumed the cubecart was taking my grams weight and multiplying for KG as I was entering the weight / price wrong. Thanks for appreciating thats its probably something soooo simple, yet I cant see it. Phillip
  12. Hi Ian. Thanks for your post. I use the all-in-one but its setup listing 1-2 CD, 3-4 CDs etc. But I was hoping to have one auto selected rather than a zero price. Ive listed T & C's page and one for postage rates, and just added that the buyer select the correct postage, and if not then the buyer is asked to pay extra. This probably wont do in the long term, so I'll have to check out weight based. Thanks Phillip
  13. Hello Again. On my site Ive got multiple postage rates. Example - if someone buys one CD, then a price is charged for postage and packaging, but if they buy two CD's obviously the weight is higher. Rather than set P&P by weight Ive just calculated and entered prices. But my question is whether it is possible to select one of these prices as a default. At the moment the postage is set as zero price. Ive had a sale for a CD and I let the P&P go as the CD was a rare CD and the postage wasnt actually that much. Thanks Phillip
  14. Dirty Butter. Im having a moment. Whats the code / admin setting I need to change to move the search bar ? Thanks Phillip
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