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  1. Androidicus

    Product Price Display In Basket

    UPDATE: So, thank you for the heads up @ayz1 - by leaving the "status" checkbox unchecked and the rest exactly as per the screenshots, the price is indeed shown as the inclusive of vat price. @Dirty Butter as you say, with regard to getting the prices to display throughout as the full retail price inclusive of vat this is achievable using the the above configuration and therefore not specifically a GitHub issue. I do believe that there are circumstances that will call for a slightly more complex treatment of VAT. For example, a business that is VAT registered can issue "simplified" vat invoices for small value transactions i.e. under £250. Over this transaction value and a "full" VAT invoice must be issued. So onlinewidgetsales DOT com is VAT registered and the majority of its online sales are "retail" and under £250 including vat then a simplified VAT invoice showing all prices inclusive of vat with the VAT registration number and VAT element of the sale clearly stated is all that is required. If the majority of customers are non-vat registered and unable to claim vat back, then this will be clear and simple for them. VAT registered customers will still be able to use these invoices to account for VAT on their VAT returns. Any sales in excess of £250 will require a more detailed approach: This probably seems rather pedantic but then VAT legislation is rather pedantic! When I get the time to "lift the bonnet" properly I will attempt to address this - if I have any success i will post back here. Thanks to all for your input / feedback!
  2. Androidicus

    Product Price Display In Basket

    @ayz1thanks for that - I will check later but sure I'd been through every permutation! I never eliminate my own fallibility so will go through it with a fine tooth comb and your screenshots... much appreciated! @Dirty Butterfor sure - once I've done ^^^ hopefully there'll be a result - thanks
  3. Androidicus

    Product Price Display In Basket

    Thank you @Dirty ButterI will do that.
  4. Androidicus

    Product Price Display In Basket

    Ok - so I had a bit of a moan and... @zombiesbyte yes, I did post a response to the old 2015 question in the Technical Support forum - it was exactly the issue I needed answering and was surprised that it had no response in 12 months - you are 100% right - keep in one thread - and I believed that this section was probably most appropriate. @Dirty Butter absolutely understand that this forum is run by volunteers - but Al Brookbanks (staff?) certainly seems to respond to a fair few questions around the forum... and I strongly believe that the question of price display from store front to checkout is an important one. I have looked at the demo and it does exactly what I said - price on the front end is including VAT but the price in "basket" and "checkout" is displayed ex-VAT with the VAT line shown at the sub-total line. There is probably a very easy fix to this - I am just not familiar yet with the system and was looking for the experience of others who may have achieved the necessary modification.
  5. Androidicus

    Product Price Display In Basket

    Hi zombiesbyte Apologies - not often here as way too much going on... I dipped my toe into CC waters as already use commercial (i.e. paid for!) e-commerce systems but really needed a relatively fast fix for a start-up who have £0 to invest right now... To be honest, I do really need to get to the bottom of this asap but have kind of gone into scattergun mode across a number of projects all requiring equal attention ha ha! I will have to roll my sleeves up and simply find the right places to get the price display correct in basket & checkout - I am a little disappointed that such an important (imho) issue has only received one response (your kind self) and not elicited any feedback from the devs. For the UK market - any e-commerce offering paid or open source simply must get the VAT situation right. No "Joe Public" consumer either wants or should see item line prices ex-vat with a global single VAT line at the sub-total stage. I'm actually really impressed with Cube Cart and the fact that it is an Open Source offering on home soil is wonderful... just need to get this price display sorted!
  6. Using latest version of V6 and Minimialiser skin. As a newcomer to CubeCart - looking to save some "digging time" - need to change way product line prices in basket are displayed. Product prices displayed elsewhere as Inclusive of VAT - but in basket are shown as Ex vat (as is the shipping charge). Simply need to change the price display of line prices & shipping to be Inclusive of VAT. The VAT line needs to stay as it is. I am a commercial user of other (paid) e-commerce platforms i.e. CS-Cart and am singularly impressed with CC! I'm Sure I played with earlier versions some time ago but now looking at it as a serious contender for some projects... Any help much appreciated.
  7. Androidicus

    VAT on basket page

    This question (still unanswered for some strange reason) is still relevant in V6 The individual item prices, if configured to be displayed including VAT, should be displayed as such in the basket also... This is both confusing and off-putting for average retail customers and needs to be addressed in the "core". The VAT line at the basket should be there for information as vast majority of retail customers just want to see everything "inclusive of UK VAT"