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  1. Keat, Out of hundreds of products there were 9 that didn't have a tax_type assigned to them. and these items were on all of the orders with messed up tax, except one . there is one order that has an incorrect tax amount, that i cannot explain. But, i can't say what has happened as this store is my wife's and her business partner. and the coupon has been removed. (and all values zero'd out when I look in database). So i can't say if the coupon was set up correct or not. I am also not sure if the products in question on that order have been updated since the order was placed. (that particular order was over a month ago). Since i have little to go on for further investigation and the other incorrect taxes can be explained by no tax_type being set for items in the cart. I am going to say the issue is fixed for now, and watch to see if it happens again. if it does happen again, I'll make sure they don't go in and modify anything until i have had a chance to investigate. Thanks for your help Keat!
  2. Thanks for the reply Keat, They should all be assigned 'Standard Rate'. I am at my 9-5 right now so can't verify, but will check tonight and confirm
  3. I am having an issue with taxes on my site. When no coupons are used, the taxes calculate properly. but when a coupon is added. (either % or value) the tax ends up calculating wrong. I cannot figure out how it comes to the rate it applies. I am on CubeCart Version 6.1.5, The tax rate that should be applied is 13% pictures are worth 1000 words, so I'll try to show what is happening through the following pictures. Here is an order where the tax is calculating wrong. The Subtotal is $73.80 ($82-$8.2). Tax of 13% should mean HST = $9.59. Yet a tax rate of $8.42 is applied. (11.41% ????) This is the coupon that was applied Here are the tax details and tax rules I have looked through the code but can't figure out how the tax is being applied wrong. i have not modified my cart.class.php (it is original) Has anyone seen this behaviour before? or is there something that i have set wrong in the coupon or tax? any help would be appreciated, Thank you!